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AbledSports photo from Sochi Paralympics site shows Ukraine's Lyudmila Pavlenko passing under a bridge arch as she races towards a gold medal in the Women's 12 kilometre Cross Country Ski Sitting at the Sochi Winter Paralympic games.
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AbledSports photo from the Sochi Paralympics shows Matt Hallat of Canada competing in the Men's Super G - standing. He balances on one leg and ski - his right leg is amputated at the knee - and his left arm is extended holding his ski pole horizontally for balance as he prepares to land coming off a mogul.
AbledSports photo from Sochi Paralympics shows Roman Rabl of Austria competing in Women's Downhill – Sitting. She is leaning to her right side in her white with blue trim uniform as she extends her right arm and ski pole that has a small ski blade at the bottom and tilts her sitting ski with her left pole.
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AbledSports photo from Sochi Olympics Biathlon shows Sean Halsted of the USA aiming a rifle as he competes in the Men's Biathlon 12.5km - Sitting.
AbledSports photo from the Sochi Paralympics shows Kozo Kubo of Japan strapped in as he kneels in his double ski housing as he competes in the Men's Biathlon 12.5 kilometre - Sitting.
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AbledSports photo from the Sochi Paralympics shows Brian McKeever of Canada being led by his guide Erik Carleton as he competes in the men's 20km visually impaired cross-country skiing. They are dressed in the red and white uniforms of the Canadian team and are moving from the right to left in the photo with trees and snow-capped mountains in the background on a sunny day.
AbledSports photo from the Sochi Paralympics shows Liudmila Vauchok of Belarus competing in the women's 12km sitting cross-country skiing. She is wearing a red ski toque with white trim, a white jersey with green ski pants that have a white stripe down the side. She is strapped into a sitting double ski with her legs extended in front of her as she holds her orange ski poles with lime green and black ski gloves. The photo shows the surrounding trees and sky with a motion blur as she skis by.
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AbledSports photo from Sochi shows Andy Yohe of the United States and Dmitrii Lisov of Russia as they battle for the puck during the Ice Sledge Hockey Preliminary Round Group B match.
AbledSports photo from Sochi shows Jan Roger Klakegg of Norway missing a chance at goal during the Ice Sledge Hockey Preliminary Round Group A match between Norway and Sweden.
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Jalle Jungnell of Sweden in action during the wheelchair curling round robin session 5 match between Sweden and China at the Ice Cube Curling Center.
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AbledSports Sochi Paralympics Day 9 Summary March 16th, 2014.

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Day 9 – Final Day of Competition & Closing Ceremonies

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony

On the ninth and final day of competition at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, new champions in cross-country skiing and giant slalom will be crowned.

Nine sets of medals to be awarded on day 9

Competitions will be held at at Rosa Khutor in the women’s giant slalom. Athletes will complete two runs, with the fastest combined time determining the winners in three categories – standing, sitting, and visually impaired.

On the courses at Laura, cross-country skiers will compete for medals in women’s 5km and men’s 10 races. Freestyle athletes will compete across the standing and visually impaired categories, while the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games medal program concludes with races for skiers in the sitting category.

Alpine Skiing

Final set of medals in the Giant Slalom found their owners On the slopes Rosa Khutor

Final set of medals in the Giant Slalom found their owners. On the slopes Rosa Khutor, women completed the competitions in the Giant Slalom, which were the finals within the Paralympic Games in Sochi.

In the Standing category, France’s Marie Bochet won her fourth medal of the Paralympic Games in Sochi. She again had no equals on the track: with a time of 2 minutes 38.84 seconds, she won the Giant Slalom. Germany’s Andrea Rothfuss was just 0.86 seconds behind with a time of 2 minutes 39.7 seconds, gaining another silver for her team.France’s Solene Jambaque won the bronze medal with a total time of 7.97 seconds behind Bochet.

In the Sitting category, the winner was five-time Paralympic Games champion Anna Schaffelhuber of Germany. Her total, winning time was 2 minutes and 21.56 seconds. Thus, Schaffelhuber won all competitions on the Sochi courses in this category. Claudia Loesch of Austria won the silver medal, trailing the leader by 4.65 seconds. The bronze medal went to Anna-Lena Forster of Germany (2:59.33).

Among Visually Impaired athletes, Henrieta Farkasova of Slovakia took gold in the giant slalom. Showing the best time in both runs (2:48.63), she finished ahead of Alexandra Frantceva of Russia. Frantceva, trailing by 6.28 seconds, won the silver medal, and Jessica Gallagher of Australia won the bronze (3:01.11).


Clean sweep for Russia in men’s standing cross-country skiing

Cross-Country Skiing

Competitions have concluded in men’s free Standing skiing at Laura.

The Russian team won all three medals and took fourth and fifth place in the standings. Gold went to Aleksandr Pronkov (23 min, 59.9 sec), silver went to Vladimir Kononov (0.8 seconds behind) and the bronze medal went to Vladislav Lekomtcev, who finished with a time of 24 min, 06.5 sec.

On the courses at Laura, competition has concluded in the men’s 10km free Visually Impaired skiing. Brian McKeever of Canada (23 min, 18.1 sec.) won gold, Stanislav Chokhlaev of Russia (23 min, 25.1 sec.) won silver, and bronze went to Thomas Clarion of France (24 min. 14.9 sec.). 


Russian cross-country skiers win the final medals in their categories

Medals in the women’s 5km cross-country skiing have been awarded in Standing and Visually Impaired.

In the Standing category, Anna Milenina of Russia won the gold medal. After the first mark she was in fifth place, but quickly caught up and finished first with a time of 13 minutes and 31.9 seconds.

The silver medal went to Yulia Batenkova of Ukraine, who also pulled ahead in the final meters and finished the race 12.5 seconds after Milenina. Another Ukrainian, Oleksandra Kononova, led for nearly the entire race, but in the end secured a bronze medal, 15 seconds behind the leader.

The three best athletes in the Visually Impaired race were all Russian. In fourth place was Oksana Shyshkova of Ukraine. Standing on the Paralympic podium on the final day of competition were Elena Remizova, who won gold with a time of 13 minutes and 23.8 seconds, silver medalist Mikhalina Lysova with a lag time of 3.9 seconds, and bronze medalist Yulia Budaleeva, who finished 4.8 seconds after the leader.


Winners crowned in cross-country sitting races

Cross-country competitions in the Sitting category have concluded in the women’s 5km and men’s 10km races.

The women’s 5km race was won by Andrea Eskau of Germany. Jumping ahead in the first meters of the race, she finished in 16 minutes and 8.6 seconds and won her second medal at the Paralympic Games in Sochi – her first medal being in the 6km biathlon. The silver medalist was Lyudmyla Pavlenko of Ukraine (16:27.00) and the bronze medalist was Oksana Masters of the United States (17:04.8).

The men’s race ended with a victory for Chris Klebl of Canada. At the 4.1km mark he unexpectedly took the lead from Russians Roman Petushkov and Grigory Murygin, and without giving up this position he reached the finish line as the winner (30:52.0). The silver medalist, Maxym Yarovyi of Ukraine, lost to Klebl by 14.5 seconds, and the bronze medalist, Grigory Murygin of Russia, finished 26.2 seconds after the winner.

AbledSports Sochi Paralympics Day 6 Summary March 15th, 2014.

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Day 8 of Competition For 7 Sets of Medals

On the penultimate day of competition of the Paralympic Games in Sochi, athletes will compete for seven sets of medals. In the Mountain Cluster athletes will compete in runs in the giant slalom and in the mixed and open cross-country relays, while the Coastal Cluster is the battleground for medals in team sports.

On the slopes of Rosa Khutor, athletes will try to cleanly and skillfully traverse the giant slalom course. They will have two runs and the total time determines the champions in the men’s standing, sitting, visually impaired categories.

At Laura, cross-country skiers will compete in two relays – 4×2.5 km open and 4.25km mixed. Teams are comprised of 4 athletes, each athlete can compete in only one relay race. In the mixed relay, teams must include at least one woman, and tomorrow men and women will complete races in different functional categories (standing, sitting, and visually impaired).

Exciting finals of team competitions will take place at the Coastal Cluster. At the Ice Cube arena, the best four teams in wheelchair curling will battle to advance to the finals. At 9:30 Great Britain takes on Russia, and in a nearby sheet at the same time, Canada meets China. Later in the day the winners of these matches will compete for the title of Paralympic champion, and the losers will compete for the bronze medal.

At the Shayba Arena, the highly anticipated gold medal match in ice sledge hockey will be held: semifinal match winners will meet in the finals. The United States, defending Paralympic champion in ice sledge hockey, will face Russia, who debuted in the tournament and have shown excellent technique during group matches. The game can’t leave anyone from the audience unimpressed: in the semifinals, both teams showed that giving up isn’t easy. Several hours before the final match will be the match between Canada and Norway, who trailed their opponents in the play-offs and now seek the bronze medal.

Alpine Skiing

Men’s medals decided in Giant Slalom

On the slopes of Rosa Khutor, the men’s Giant Slalom competitions have concluded to decide the winners in three categories – standing, sitting and visually impaired.

Among visually impaired athletes, Canadian Mac Marcoux led the field. He completed his first attempt with a margin of 2.39 seconds and finished second in the next heat. Although he did not top the heat, the total time for Marcoux was ahead of his nearest rival, Jakub Krako of Slovakia, by 2.04 seconds, and he secured gold with a time of 2 minutes and 29.62 seconds. Slovakia’s Krako earned the silver medal and Russia’s Valery Redkozubov took third place with a final time of 2 minutes and 33.57 seconds.

Frenchman Vincent Gauthier-Manuel was the giant slalom winner in the standing category. He finished both races to post a time of 2 minutes and 25.87 seconds, giving him his first gold medal in Sochi. Until now, Gauthier-Manuel had only stood on the podium to collect bronze (in downhill) and silver (in the slalom). Russian Alexey Bugaev was just 2 seconds short of becoming a three-time Olympic champion. He lost out to the Frenchman by 1.43 seconds in the first round and then by 0.57 seconds in the following round, but still earned a giant slalom silver medal. The bronze medal went to Austrian Markus Salcher, who finished 2.27 seconds behind the winner.

In the men’s sitting category, Switzerland Christoph Kunz took the lead and with a time of 2 minutes and 32.73 seconds won the gold medal, which is the first medal for Switzerland at these Games. The silver medal went to Corey Peters of New Zealand. Peters was in first place after the first run, but he finished sixth in his second run, meaning his total time was 0.47 seconds behind Kunz. Roman Rabl of Austria won the bronze medal, trailing Kunz by 0.58 seconds.


Cross-Country Skiing

Russian wins the cross-country mixed relay

Russian cross-country skiers Svetlana Konovalova, Alena Kaufman, Nikolay Polukhin and Elena Remizova were awarded medals for their winning performances in the 4×2.5km mixed relay, winning Russia’s 26th gold medal of the Games.  The silver medal went to Sweden, and the bronze to the Norwegian team.

At the first stage of the race Tino Uhlig of Germany was in the lead, followed by Helene Ripa of Sweden and Svetlana Konovalova of Russia. Konovalova then passed the baton to Alena Kaufman in third place. Kaufman finished seventh, trailing by one minute. The three leaders in the second stage were Wilhelm Brem of Germany, Zebastian Modin of Sweden in second, and Nils-Erik Ulset of Norway in third.

In the third stage, Elena Remizova of Russia closed the gap between the front runner,  Anatolii Kovalevskyi of Ukraine, who was first to pass the baton to the final skier, Oleksandra Kononova. Trailing her by 6.5 seconds was Zebastian Modin of Sweden, by 20.8 seconds was Eirik Bye of Norway, and Wilhelm Brem of Germany was 25.2 seconds behind the leader. In fifth place was Nikolay Polukhin, who then chased for a spot on the podium. He managed to pull from behind by 36.3 seconds and finish 8 seconds ahead of his closest pursuer, Modin of Sweden.

In the mixed relay, Russia finished with a time of 27 minutes and 25.6 seconds, and won the country’s 26th gold medal. The relay’s silver medal winning team, Sweden, finished in 27 minutes and 44.3 seconds. Norway completed the race in 27 minutes and 53.6 seconds, winning the bronze medal.

Russian skiers Roman Petushkov, Grigory Murygin, Vladislav Lekomtsev and Rushan Minnegulov competed in different categories and all performed exceptionally well in the open relay (4×2.5 km).

Frenchman Benjamin Daviet broke out during the first stage of the relay with a 16.5 second advantage over his opponents. Russian skier Petushkov was second to pass the baton, and Alexander Kolyadin of Kazakhstan was third in the first stage. During the second leg, Russian Vladislav Lekomtsev sped ahead with Frenchman Thomas Clarion 30.7 seconds behind. The Belorussian Vasily Shapteboy came in third. Grigory Murygin successfully kept her advantage during the third stage and passed the baton 33 seconds before France’s Benjamin Daviet. Ukrainian Yuri Utkin finished third in that stage with a minute behind.

The final participant in the race was Russian athlete, Rushan Minnegulov who arrived at the finish line with a huge margin of 55 seconds and earned his team another gold medal in the Paralympic Games in Sochi. The overall time for the Russian team was 24 minutes and 22.8 seconds. Vitaliy Lukyanenko managed to overtake the French skier Clarion, and Ukraine won the silver medal with an open relay time of 25 minutes and 17.9 seconds. France was left to take third place, overcoming the distance with a time of 25 minutes and 30.3 seconds.


Ice Sledge Hockey

United States team wins gold in ice sledge hockey final

The United States defeated Russia in the final of the Ice Sledge Hockey tournament 1-0 and became a three-time Paralympic Games champion.

In the first period of the match, the Americans held a slight advantage. Withstanding the pressure of their opponent, Russia moved the game into the Americans’ zone and spent the end of the period in an attack. The second period proved to be successful for the United States: in 3 minutes Joshua Sweeney managed to get around Russia’s defenders and went one on one with goalkeeper Vladimir Kamantcev, scoring the goal that decided the match’s outcome. Russian players tried to do everything possible, attacking their opponent, but none of the shots turned into goals. As a result, the United States won the final with the minimum advantage and became a three-time Paralympic Games champion, while Russia, who was competing for the first time in a Paralympic sledge hockey tournament, won the silver medal.

The bronze medal went to Canada, who defeated Norway 3-0 yesterday in the consolation final.


Wheelchair Curling

Canada claim gold in the Wheelchair Curling tournament

In the Wheelchair Curling final, the Canadians overcame Russia and won their third consecutive Paralympic gold.

The opening score of the match came from the Russians – 2:00 after the first end. Team Canada played two stones in the next two ends and leveled the score at the fourth stage,  immediately pulling ahead by two points – 4:2.

The master throws by the Canadian players allowed the team to double the advantage to 8:2. At the seventh end, the Russian curlers played one stone, but they were unable to overcome the 5 points difference.

Team Canada reclaimed their title and won the gold medal of the Paralympic Games for the third time in a row. The Russian Wheelchair Curling team, debuting in Paralympic tournament, won a well earned silver.

The parallel match for third place was won by the UK. They beat the Chinese team with a score of 7:3, losing just two stones to the opponents in the first two ends.

AbledSports Sochi Paralympics Day 6 Summary March 14th, 2014.

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Day 7 of Competition Sees New Para Snowboard Cross Country Category

Competitions in Biathlon, Para Snowboard Cross Country skiing and the second stage of Super Combined skiing will take place today in Sochi.


For the very first time in the Paralympic Winter Games, athletes will compete for medals in Para Snowboard cross, which is now part of the alpine skiing program. During the competition participants will have three attempts to impress and will perform jumps and flips. The winner will be determined by the total time of their two best runs.


Following Para Snowboard Cross, Super-Combined will take place on the course at Rosa Khutor. Here athletes will compete for medals in three categories – standing, sitting, and visually impaired.


 At the Laura, spectators will watch the Biathlon where women will tackle the 12.5 km and the men race a distance of 15-kilometer. All the events will also be held in the following three categories – standing, sitting, and visually impaired.


The national teams that did not qualify for medals in the Olympics will compete against each other in Sledge Hockey. Italy and the Czech Republic which both won the classification matches will meet at 8 p.m. in the Shayba Arena to compete for the 5th place of the tournament. In the afternoon, South Korea and Sweden will face each other for the 7th place.


The Ice Cube Curling Center is having a rest today ahead of the semifinals tomorrow where  the UK and China will compete against Russia and Canada for a place in the finals.


Alpine Skiing

First medals won in Para – snowboarding

Para-Snowboarding took place today for the first time in the history of the  Paralympic Winter Games. The competition was introduced as part of the skiing program.


Dutch athlete Bibian Mentel-Spee and American para-snowboarder, Evan Strong both took home medals in today’s event.


In the women’s program, Mentel-Spee from the Netherlands became the first ever Paralympic champion in snowboard cross with a final time of 1 minute 57.43 seconds. France’s Cecile Hernandez Ep Cervellon came second, 9.88 seconds behind the Gold medalist and American medalist, Amy Purdy, came third, 16.86 seconds behind the Metel-Spree.


In the men’s competition all three medals went to American athletes. The gold medal of the competition was won by Evan Strong with a time of 1 minute 43.61 seconds. Silver was won by Michael Shea with a time of 1:44.18 and the bronze medal went to Keith Gabel with a time of 1:47.10.


Super combined skiing champions crowned


Alpine skiers have now finished the super combined competition. Paralympians made their first run down the Rosa Khutor slopes on Tuesday, but due to weather conditions the second part of the competition was postponed. Today, based on the results of the super-G component, the new super combined Paralympic champions were crowned.

In the women’s competition for visually impaired athletes, only three athletes qualified for the super-G following the slalom. With a 3.12 second advantage after the first run, Alexandra Frantceva won gold at a canter with a total time of 2 minutes and 27.75 seconds. Despite a successful run in the super-G, after two starts the silver medal went to Jade Etherington of Great Britain, who followed Frantceva by just 0.63 seconds. The bronze medal was secured by Danielle Umstead of the United States, whose final time was 2 minutes and 42.09 seconds.

The Paralympic Winter Games champion in the women’s standing category was France’s Marie Bouchet. She showed the best time in both runs, with a final time of 2:18.39 and winning her third medal in Sochi (Bochet already has gold in downhill and Super-G). The silver medalist of the Super-G was Germany’s Andrea Rothfuss, who was 4.35 seconds behind the winner. Bronze was won by Stephanie American Jallen trailing Bochet by 4.74 seconds.

Representatives of the German national team shared the podium in the sitting category. Top was Anna Schaffelhuber, who won with a staggering victory and a margin of 5.56 seconds over her compatriot, becoming four-time champion at the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi. Anna-Lena Forster won her second silver (following the slalom) on the Sochi slopes and clocked a final time of 2 minutes 38.96 seconds. Sadly Bronze in this category will not be awarded, as the other three athletes failed to reach the finish line.

The Russian skier Valery Redkozubov claimed victory in the men’s visually impaired event. He completed the slalom with an advantage of 5.62 seconds, meaning that his fourth place in the Super-G did not significantly affect the competition result. His overall time of 2 minutes and 15.87 seconds brought Valery Redkozubov the title of double Paralympic champion. American Mark Bathum finished second, 1.57 seconds behind, and Gabriel Juan Gorce Yepes from Spain was third (2:20.36).

The winner in the standing category was the Russian skier Alexey Bugaev. Having won a complete set of medals in previous races (gold in slalom, silver in downhill and bronze in Super-G), the 16 year old Russian became Super Combined champion. He had an advantage of 1.1 seconds over the Austrian Mattias Lanzinger, who finished in the silver medal position. The bronze medal was won by Australia’s Toby Kane, the first medal for the Australian team at these Games.

After two runs, Canadian John Dueck became the leader in the men’s sitting category. He finished in fifth after the slalom, but a perfectly executed run in the super slalom gave him a shot at gold. Dueck became a Paralympic champion with a final time of 2 minutes and 18.2 seconds. American Heath Calhoun lost to Dueck by just 0.89 seconds and had to settle for second. Austrian Roman Rabl completed the top three. After leading in the first run, he finished fifth during the super giant. The Austrian’s final time was 2 minutes and 20.2 seconds.




The first Biathlon races of the day have now finished, where athletes competed for medals in the women’s 12.5km and men’s 15km in the sitting category. Gold medals in both events were won by Russian athletes.

In the men’s competition, once again nobody could equal Russia’s Roman Petushkov – a standout performer at these Games. After losing a second at the first shooting round to his countryman Grigory Murygin, Petushkov demonstrated perfect shooting and unprecedented speed in his final lap and moved ahead of his nearest opponent, Andrew Soule of the United States, by almost 2 minutes.

Soule unluckily fell after the fourth target, which ended his chance for a medal and he could only finished fourth in the final standings. Petushkov picked up speed and finished the race in 42 minutes and 20.8 seconds, earning him a fifth medal at the Paralympic Games.

The silver medal went to Grigory Murygin of Russia, who failed to close two targets, but who skied excellently and raced at a high speed. Murygin trailed the leader by 2 minutes and 4.9 seconds. The bronze medal was awarded to Alexander Davidovich, who finished 2 minutes and 25.4 seconds off gold.

In the women’s event, the leaders were in fact already decided after the first shooting round with the leading pack unchanged during the entire race. Clean shooting distinguished Svetlana Konovalova of Russia, Germany’s Anja Wicker and Olena Jurkovska of Ukraine. With lightning speed, Konovalova closed one target after another, which allowed her to finish victorious with a time of 40 minutes and 44 seconds. Silver medalist Anja Wicker completed the race 43.1 seconds later, with bronze medalist Olena Jurkovska trailing the leader by 46.8 seconds.

The women’s 12.5km biathlon took place today in the standing category.  Oleksandra Kononova of Ukraine won the gold medal with a time of 40:30.60, Alena Kaufman of Russia won silver with a time of 40:32.7 and Natalia Bratiuk won bronze with a time of 41:00.9.

Momoko Dekijima of Japan took the lead in the first lap, successfully shooting all five targets, giving her an advantage of 3 minutes. Both Oleksandra Kononova of Ukraine and Alena Kaufman of Russia were close behind the athlete. It was in the final lap that Dekijima slowed down allowing Kononova and Kaufman to overtake.


Grigory Vovchynskyi becomes biathlon 15km champion

Grigory Vovchynskyi has won gold in the men’s 15km standing biathlon.

All three medalists had perfect shots during the shooting, but Vovchynskyi proved faster in the race, finishing 3.1 seconds ahead of silver medalist Nils-Erik Ulset of Norway, with a time of 37:41.1

Ulset won his second silver of the Sochi Games with a time of with a  time of 37 minutes and 44.2 seconds – his previous   medal was in the 12.5km biathlon. The bronze medal went to Kirill Mikhaylov of Russia, who finished 4.5 seconds after Vovchynskyi.


Yulia Budaleeva and Nikolay Polukhin achieved outstanding victories in the longer biathlon distances of 12.5 and 15 km respectively.

Six athletes started in the women’s long distance. After the first half of the race, Russian athletes and Yulia Budaleeva and Mikhalina Lysova laid claim for the top honors. At the last shooting range, Lysova missed once and allowed Budaleeva to get ahead. As a result and with a time of 35 minutes and 25.9 seconds, Budaleeva won her first gold medal at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games, with three-time Paralympic champion Lysova claiming the silver 1 minute and 55.1 seconds behind. In third place was Ukrainian Oksana Shyshkova, who previously only has been able to win bronze.

In the men’s field, the gold was won by Nikolay Polukhin. He closed all targets with lightning speed in shooting and did not let his leading position slip anytime during the race. His final time was 36 minutes and 42.9 seconds. Ukrainian biathlete Anatoly Kovalevsky finished the race in second place. With one penalty, he covered the distance in 38 minutes and 18.2 seconds. Third place was shared by Ukrainian Vitaly Lukyanenko and Russian Stanislav Chokhlaev, who trailed Polukhin by 1 minute and 38.7 seconds.


Ice Sledge Hockey

South Korea beats Sweden in the Sledge Hockey classification match

South Korea proved the stronger team in their Sledge Hockey match against Sweden, beating the Swedes 2-0. Don Shin Chan scored in the 11th minute of the game followed by Sung-Hwan Jung in the 19thminute. South Korea is currently 7th in the final ratings, Sweden is now in last place in the standings.


Czech ice sledge hockey team beat Italy 3-0

Qualification tournament match for the 5th place was won by the Czech Republic. 
The first two periods ended in draw. At the beginning of the third period on the 32nd minute Zdenek Safranek scored the first goal of the match. In two minutes Michal Gayer scored a double and bought his team to victory, 3-0. After the match Czech team now takes 5 place of the standings, the Italian team is in the 6th position.
AbledSports Sochi Paralympics Day 6 Summary March 13th, 2014.

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Day 6 of Competition For 3 Sets of Medals

At Rosa Khutor, Alpine Skiing will take place in the Men and Women’s category, in Sitting, Standing and Visually Impaired. Athletes will each have two attempts to complete the course.


Wheelchair Curling will continue today at the Ice Cube arena where the final 11th and 12th sessions of the Round-Robin tournament will be take place. Russia and Canada have both made it to the semifinals of the tournament. Eight teams will battle it out for the final two places. Currently the UK and Slovakia are favorites to get to the semi-finals.


Sledge Hockey also continues in the Shayba Arena today. Russia and Norway will play each other at 1 p.m and Canada will play the USA at 8pm.


Alpine Skiing

On the slopes of Rosa Khutor competition for alpine skiing came to a close. The results of the competition determined medal winners for three categories: standing, sitting, and visually impaired athletes.

In the standing category, Alexey Bugaev took the lead after the first run.  In the second run, he increased his lead. His final time of 1 minute and 38.97 seconds earned him Sochi Paralympic Games gold. Vincent Gauthier Manuel of France trailed Bugaev by 1.27 seconds, earning him the silver medal. The bronze medal went to yet another Russian, Alexander Alybayev, who was 1.77 seconds behind the leader.

In the sitting category, the gold medal went to Japanese skier Takeshi Suzuki. He came second place in the first run, losing to front runner Dino Sokolovic of Croatia, who had a time of 1.61 seconds. But the second run did not go so well for the Croatian – he never even made it to the finish line – which allowed Suzuki to climb to first place in the rankings with a score of 1 minute and 53.78 seconds. Second and third place went to two Austrian representatives. Philipp Bonadiman won silver with a 2.68 lag time, and Roman Rabl won bronze with a total time of 1 minute and 56.64 seconds.

Valeri Redkozubov of Russia won the gold medal in the visually impaired category. Having shown the best time in both runs, Redkozubov won  with a time of 1 minute and 43.21 seconds. Yon Santacana Maiztegui of Spain moved up from seventh to second place after his second run with a final time of 1:46.82. The bronze medal in visually impaired slalom went to Chris Williamson of Canada, who trailed the winner by 5.4 seconds .


Germany’s Anna Schaffelhuber has been awarded the gold medal in the women’s slalom sitting event after a successful appeal against her disqualification. Schaffelhuber, who has already won the downhill and super-G Paralympic titles so far in Sochi, was disqualified from her first run in Wednesday’s (12 March) slalom competition. Under protest, she was allowed to complete her second run on Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday (13 March) morning, the International Paralympic Committee Alpine Skiing Board of Appeal overturned the original disqualification for not having her outriggers in a stationary and fixed position at the start of the race. The jury decided that Schaffelhuber had not gained a competitive advantage from her start and therefore should not have been disqualified.

As a result of the successful appeal, the results from Wednesday’s slalom sitting event are now official and the medallists are as follows:

• Gold: Anna Schaffelhuber 2:09.93

• Silver: Anna-Lena Forster (GER) 2:14.35

• Bronze: Kimberly Joines (CAN) 2:15.16

The medals will be presented on Thursday (13 March) at 18:00 MST at the Rosa Khutor Medals Plaza. A full written decision will be issued in due course.


Ice Sledge Hockey

The Russian sledge hockey team triumphed over Norway in the semi-finals, beating them 4-0.

The first to score was team captain, Dmitry Lisov in the 6th minute. The Russian successfully scored after receiving a pass from Konstantin Shikhov and making his way around the Norwegian defense and shooting the puck into the top corner. In the 13th minute of the game, Aleksey Amosov scored, followed by Nikolay Terentev who scored in the third period.  He beat the Norwegians’ defense and hit the puck into Kristian Buen’s gates.

Norway had a number of successful attempts on goal, but failed to score and Russian goalkeeper, Vladimir Kamantcev, remained steady. Norway brought a sixth player on the ice, but even with this numerical advantage they could not score any goals. At the last minute Evgeny Petrov, sent the puck into the empty net from near the middle of the ice, making it 4:0.

On Sunday Russia will battle for the gold medal of the Paralympic Games. Their opponent will be determined today after the second semifinal, Canada versus the United States.


In the second semifinal match of the ice sledge hockey tournament, the United States defeated Canada 3-0 and advances to the finals, where they will play Russia in the battle for the gold medal.

The American team, Paralympic Games 2010 champions, made ​​it clear to their rivals within the first minutes of the game that the fight would be intense. Skillful attacks distinguished Joshua Pauls and Declan Famer. Within 10 minutes Pauls passed the puck with precision and Farmer scored the first goal against Canada, and 5 minutes later with an assist from 16-year-old Taylor Chace, Farmer scored the second goal. In the second period, Famer made ​​an assist in which Paul scored on the Canadian defense and brought his team the third goal, leaving their opponent no chance of victory.

Thus, on Saturday the United States will meet Russia in the final of the ice sledge hockey tournament. In the battle for gold, head coach Jeffrey Sauer will attempt to defend his team’s title, and the Russian team, debuting at the Paralympic Games, have already secured their place on the podium and for the first time will play in the final match. On the same day, Canada and Norway will play each other for the bronze medal.


Wheelchair Curling


Matches in the 11th session of the Wheelchair Curling round robin tournament have now concluded. The morning session was a success for the Canadian team, which convincingly defeated Slovakia 16:0. In the same session, the Swedish team also overcame Norway 11:1.

Curlers from the USA and Finland were unlucky to be defeated by the minimum difference of one stone, missing out to teams the Great Britain and South Korea team respectively.


Other Paralympic News:

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced that Italian ice sledge hockey player Igor Stella has been suspended for 18 months and fined EUR 1,125 for an Anti-Doping Rule violation committed at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games.


Stella returned an adverse analytical finding for clostebol metabolite 4-chloro-4-androstene-3a-ol-17-one in an out of competition urine sample provided on 4 March, three days prior to the start of the Winter Games.


This substance is classified as S1.1A Exogenous AAS/clostebol (Prohibited Substance) on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) 2013 Prohibited List and is prohibited both in and out of competition. The Prohibited Substance is not a “specified substance” on the Prohibited List.


In accordance with the IPC Anti-Doping Code, and with the IPC also being the International Federation for the sport of ice sledge hockey, Stella will serve an 18 month suspension for the offence beginning on 4 March 2014; the date of sample collection. The reduced sanction acknowledges that the athlete knows how the substance entered his system and that the Hearing Panel accepts it was not to enhance his performance.


All results obtained from 4 March 2014, the date of the test and onwards, will be disqualified with all the resulting consequences including forfeiture of any medals, points, records and prizes.


The principle of strict liability applies to anti-doping matters. Therefore, each athlete is strictly liable for the substances found in his or her sample, and that an anti-doping rule violation occurs whenever a prohibited substance (or its metabolites or markers) is found in his or her bodily specimen, whether or not the athlete intentionally or unintentionally used a prohibited substance or was negligent or otherwise at fault.


As a signatory of the World Anti-Doping Code (WADC), the IPC remains committed to a doping free sporting environment at all levels. The IPC, together with the International Federations and the National Paralympic Committees, established the IPC Anti-Doping Code to prevent doping in sport for Paralympic athletes, in the spirit of fair play. The IPC Anti-Doping Code is in conformity with the general principles of the WADC.


AbledSports Sochi Paralympics Day 5 Summary March 12th, 2014.

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Day 5 of Competition For 9 Sets of Medals

The fifth day of competitions in Sochi will see nine athletes crowned Paralympic champions.  

At the Rosa Khutor Alpine Center, women’s slalom will take place in Alpine Skiing in three categories – standing, sitting and visually impaired. Each participant will perform two descents on different courses, and the new slalom champion will be determined by  calculating the time taken to complete the runs.

Today’s events will also see Cross-Country skiers cover a  distance of 1km. Qualification runs will take place for men and women in three categories – standing, sitting and visually impaired, after which spectators will see the semi-finals and the finals.

At the Shayba Arena in the Coastal Cluster, Ice Sledge Hockey players in 3rd and 4th place will face each other. The qualification matches for Czech Republic-South Korea and Sweden-Italy will determine the winners, who will then compete against each other for 5th and 6th place in the total ranking. The losing teams will go against each other in a match for the 7th place in the tournament.

Round-robin tournament games will continue in the Wheelchair Curling competitions. In Session 9, the following teams will play each other: Russia and Great Britain; USA and China; Norway and Slovakia and Canada and South Korea. Session 10 will see China and Finland, Sweden and the USA, and Norway and Russia play each other.



Alpine Skiing


Athletes have taken part in the slalom heats in three categories: standing, sitting and visually impaired.

In the standing category, the winner of the gold medal was German Andrea Rothfuss with a time of 1 minute 59.85 seconds. Second place went to Inga Medvedeva, who, after a successful second run, moved from fourth to second place with a time of 2 minutes and 6.7 seconds earning her another silver medal at the Games. Medvedeva also came second in the downhill. The bronze medal went to the Slovakian athlete Petra Smarzova with a time of 2:0 6.91.

German alpine skier, Anna-Lena Forster, came first in the sitting category with a time of 0.92 seconds in her first attempt. Her final time, after two runs was 2:14.35, earning her first gold medal of the Paralympic Games. Despite the fact that Canadian athlete Kimberly Joines managed to overtake Forster in the second run, her final time was 2:15.16. The third medalist was American Laurie Stephens with a final time of 2:18.45.

Russian skier, Aleksandra Frantceva, took Gold in the visually impaired category with a time of 2 minutes 1.24 seconds. The second attempt by Britain’s Etherington was much more difficult and she crossed the finish line with 0.65 seconds behind her opponent winning the Silver medal. The bronze medal was awarded to Slovakian representative Henrieta Farkasova, who was 1.7 seconds behind Frantceva.


Cross Country Skiing

The men’s 1km final took place today at the Laura Centre in three categories: standing, sitting and visually impaired.

The men’s  1 km final  in the sitting category ended with an  astonishing victory by Russian athlete Roman Petushkov. The athlete began the race  20 seconds behind Ukrainian athlete, Maksym Yarovyi  However,  Petushkov picked up pace in the last leg of the race and finished the race in 2 minutes 29.4 seconds, picking up his fourth medal of  Paralympic Games. The silver medal went to Russian, Grigory Murygin, who was behind Petushkov by 1.2 seconds. Maksym Yarovyi won bronze, finishing 2.2 seconds behind the leader. 

Norwegian athlete, Mariann Marthinsen won gold in the women’s sitting category. The Norwegian was in the lead in the qualifiers and semifinal, and completed the final run in 2 minutes 45.6 seconds with a  lead of 0.1 seconds. American Tatyana McFadden was awarded the silver medal.
Six Russian athletes were finalists in the standing category. Kirill Mikhaylov, who started fifth won Gold with a time of 3 minutes 53.5 seconds and won gold. The finish line was crossed just 0.3 seconds later by Rushan Minnegulov who won the silver medal of the race. Bronze went to Vladislav Lekomcev, who was 1.1 second behind the leader.

Anna Milenina of Russia had the best time in the women’s standing sprint (4 minutes and 26.9 seconds). She was 4.5 seconds ahead of her closest rival, Ukrainian skier Yulia Batenkova. Another Russian took third place in the freestyle race, two-time champion of the Paralympic Games in Sochi Alena Kaufman.

The final of the men’s race in the visually impaired category was won by Canadian Brian McKeever, who finished the race in 3 minutes and 59.6 seconds. Swedish skier Sebastian Modin finished in second place (4:01.4), and Russian Oleg Ponomarev took bronze with a time of 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

Russian skier Mikhalina Lysova won gold in the 1 km freestyle race for visually impaired athletes, overcoming the distance in 4 minutes and 11.5 seconds. This is Lysova’s fourth medal – the Russian previously showed the best time for the short and medium distances in biathlon and won bronze in the 15 km cross-country. 

Second in the sprint today was another representative of Russia, Elena Remizova, who finished 5.6 seconds behind Lysova. The bronze medal went to Oksana Shishkova of Ukraine – she finished 13.1 seconds later.


Ice Sledge Hockey 

The teams which were ranked 3rd and 4th place in their groups for the group stage met today in the qualifying rounds.

As it stands, the match between Sweden and Italy ended with an Italian victory of 3-2. Goalie Gianluigi Rossa, Gregory Brian Alexis Leperdi, and Gianluca Cavaliere provided the Italian team with the opportunity to continue on and compete for 5th place. In the game between the Czech Republic and South Korea, Czech player Jiri Berger scored the only goal, and brought his team to victory as a result. On Friday, March 14th, Italy and the Czech Republic will play for 5th and 6th place in the tournament, and South Korea and Sweden will play each other for 7th and 8th place.


Wheelchair Curling

Russia and Canada have both made it through to the semi-finals of Wheelchair Curling after beating their opponents on the fifth day of the Paralympic Games in Sochi.

The Russian team defeated Great Britain 11:2 and has progressed to the semifinals.  Canada won against South Korea with a score of 10:4 and is  scheduled to play its next match on 15 March.

The 10th session games in the Wheelchair Curling round robin confirmed the main candidates for the remaining two rounds to the semifinals, which are the teams from Great Britain and Slovakia.

In the 10th session, the teams from China and the United States beat their rivals. The USA vs. Sweden match ended with a score of 8:3, with China v. Finland ending 8:2. The teams from China and the United States share 5th place in the standings, while Sweden is in the penultimate position, with Finland currently bottom.

The Russian team beat the national team of Norway with the smallest of margins 6:5, with victory secured only at the very the final end. Russia still leads the standings, but the loss by the Norwegians led to them being placed in 7th with three points.

Abled Sports Sochi Paralympics Day 4 Summary March 11th, 2014.

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Day 4 of Competition For 12 Sets of Medals

Day four of competitions in Sochi will see twelve Paralympic champions receive medals. Medal competitions will take place today at Laura and Rosa Khutor, and in Coastal Cluster, where athletes will compete in wheelchair curling and ice sledge hockey.

During the biathlon event, athletes will take part in middle distance races. The winners will be decided in men’s 12.5km and women’s 10km. Each of the starts will be held in three categories: standing, sitting, and visually impaired.

On the ski slopes, competitions in the super combined will take place. The champions will be announced two heats, super-G and slalom. Athletes will compete for medals in three categories – standing, sitting, and visually impaired.

In the Coastal Cluster, ice sledge hockey matches will resume after yesterday’s break. The preliminary round will see Norway take on Sweden and Canada play the Czech Republic in Group A, and South Korea play Italy and the United States play Russia in Group B.

Wheelchair Curling also continues today and will see Canada and Slovakia battle for victory after recent defeats and Russia and Great Britain challenge them for first place.

The first biathlon starts of the day have ended at the Laura Cross-country Ski & Biathlon Center. During the competition, athletes competed for medals in the women’s 10 km race in the sitting category.

German athlete Anja Wicker won with a time of 32 minutes 54.4 sec. In addition to a great time, the athlete didn’t miss in the shooting and she hit all four lines of fire. The Silver medal went to Russia’s Svetlana Konovalova who finished with a time of 33 minutes 36.7 sec., incurring two penalties in shooting. The Bronze medal went to Ukrainian athlete, Lyudmyla Pavlenko, with a time of 34 minutes 22.6 sec.


Russian Paralympic athletes today triumphed in the men’s 12.5 km biathlon in the sitting category. Roman Petushkov led the field and won his third gold at these Games. He was the dominant leader of the race, without a single miss at all four shooting ranges and finishing ahead of his compatriot Alexey Bychenok by an impressive 40 seconds (34 min and 48.8 sec.) Alexey also cleanly closed all 20 targets and finished second with a time of 35 min and 59.6 sec. Russia completed the clean sweep of the podium with a bronze secured by Grigory Murygin in a time of 35 min and 59.6 sec.


The 10km women’s biathlon in the standing category was won by Russian athlete, Alena Kaufman. Ukrainian Oleksandra Kononova took the Silver medal and Russian athlete, Natalia Bratiuk won Bronze.

The race was completed by Alena Kaufman in 29 minutes and 57.1 seconds. During the first shooting, the athlete had one penalty, but in the remaining shots she showed admirable precision. In the second half of the race, Kaufman picked up the pace and confidently finished with her second gold medal of the Paralympic Games in Sochi. The winner crossed the finish line 30 seconds ahead of the runners up.

The silver medal was won by Ukrainian athlete Oleksandra Kononova. She only missed one shot at the third shooting range, and finished the race 30 minutes and 33.7 seconds. Russian Natalia Bratiuk came third but incurred one penalty during the final shooting, finishing 1 minute 0.5 seconds behind Oleksandra Kononova.


Russian biathlete, Azat Karachurin, has finished first in the 12.5 km men’s biathlon in the standing category. Norwegian athlete, Nils-Erik Ulset, came second, and Canadian Mark Arendz, came third.

 Azat Karachurin had three shots on target and took the lead over Arendz and Ulset. At the fourth shooting, Karachurin missed one target and incurred a penalty; however the Russian finished the course 54.6 seconds faster than his opponents which earned him his second Paralympic medal. The athlete also won bronze in the short distance with a time of 29 minutes and 30 seconds.

Nils-Erik Ulset of Norway missed twice on the last target in shooting and finished the race in 30 minutes and 24.6 seconds, winning the silver medal. The bronze medal went to Mark Arendz of Canada, who also won a silver medal in biathlon 7.5 km. He crossed the finish line 1 minute and 1 second after Karachurin.


The biathletes with visual impairments have now concluded the middle distance race at the Laura course.

In women’s 10km race in the visually impaired category, the the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games champion  is Russian Mikhalina Lysova with a final time of 30 minutes and 11.5 seconds. Another Russian, Julia Budaleeva, won the silver medal by finishing the race in 30 minutes and 38.9 seconds with one miss. The bronze went to Oksana Shyshkova of Ukraine. She was able to shoot clean on the first range, but missed four targets later along the course and finished 4 minutes and 49.9 seconds after Lysova.

Vitaliy Lukyanenko of Ukraine won the men’s 12.5 km. The final meters resembled yesterday’s 7.5 km sprint, with the fight for the gold medal between Ukraine’s Lukyanenko and Russia’s Nikolay Polukhin with Belarus’s Vasili Shaptsiaboi coming in third place. Nikolay Polukhin made one mistake at the third shooting range, but still finished top after the last shooting with advantage lead of 1.8 seconds. Lukyanenko shot cleanly and completed the race in 31 minutes and 4 seconds. Polukhin could not overcome his opponent on this occasion and finished trailing by10.3 seconds. Third to finish was Belarus’s Shaptsiaboi posting a time of 31 minutes and 59 seconds. The result meant biathlon repeated their sprint achievements: Lukyanenko celebrates a gold double, Polukhin secured his second silver of the Paralympic Games and Shaptsiaboi becomes a double bronze medalist in Sochi.


The first run in the super-combined competition has ended on the slopes of Rosa Khutor. Due to the differing weather conditions, the SC competition was moved which led to the skiers’ medals draw begging with their slalom attempts.

After the first run in the women’s standing category, France’s Marie Bochet led the way, followed by German skier Andrea Rothfuss and Stephanie Jallen from the Unite States. In the sitting category, the leading athletes are from both from Germany, with Anna Shaffelhuber and Anna-Lena Forster topping the leaderboard in first and second respectively. Austria’s Claudia Loesch currently lies in third place. The best time in the slalom competition for visually impaired athletes was recorded by Russia’s Aleksandra Frantceva. She battled to finish ahead of Britain’s Jade Etherington, who currently occupies second place, and American Danelle Umstead who sits in third place.

In the men’s standing category, seven athletes did not finish due to improper passing of the track. After the first attempt, Alexey Bugaev of Russia leads the standings followed by Braydon Luscombe of Canada and Matthias Lanzinger of Austria in third place. In the sitting category, only 10 of 26 athletes will continue the battle it out for medals. Leading the field after the first attempt is Roman Rabl of Austria, Thomas Nolte of Germany is in second, and Taiki Morii of Japan is placed third. In the visually impaired category, only 7 athletes successfully completed the slalom. The best time was posted by Russia’s Valerii Redkozubov, who leads his rivals Gabriel Juan Gorce Yepes of Spain in second place and Maciej Krezel of Poland in third.

Athletes will compete in the second attempt of the super-combined on Friday March 14, when the super-G is finished.


In the Coastal Cluster, the curlers have completed their matches in sessions 7 and 8 of the round robin tournament.

In the seventh session, Great Britain was defeated by Finland, ranked as a tournament outsider, with a convincing 4-13 score line, and Slovakia overcame South Korea 4-7. In Russia’s sole match of the day, the host nation beat Sweden 7-4.

In the eighth session, Great Britain managed to claim a point in their match against Norway, which the British won 7-3. Canada was victorious once again, this time defeating China 8-5. Slovakia lost to Sweden 3-9 which meant they dropped 4 places in the standings, sharing a position with the defeated teams from Norway and China.

Team USA beat Finland with a narrow victory. Together in the team standings are Finland, bottom of the list with one win and five losses, while the United States shares seventh place with Sweden and South Korea.

The leaders in the ranking are currently Russia and Canada, with 5 wins and 1 loss, followed by the Great Britain team with 4 points.


Russia beat the USA 2-1 in a pulsating final match of the sledge hockey group stage.

Ilya Volkov excelled for Russia, scoring after 12 minutes, while Konstantin Shikhov scored the team’s second 6 minutes later.  The American team gave their all and responded with a goal after 35 minutes from Adam Page, but they were unable to change the course of the match and secure victory. Thanks to another win, Sergey Samoylov’s team reached the playoffs and topped the group.

Team USA, the reigning Paralympic Games champion, scored 6 points in the group stage and remains in second place. On March 13 at Shayba, the United States and Canada will meet on the ice in their battle to reach the finals. 

The deciding game in Group A between Canada and the Czech Republic did not change the balance of power in the tournament standings. Canada managed to score only one goal in the second period, but it was enough for the win. Greg Westlake scored his team’s winning goal.

Sweden and the Czech Republic took 3rd and 4th place in Group B. Classification matches are coming up which they will compete for places 5-8 against Italy and South Korea, who also did not advance to the semifinals after the group stage.

Abled Sports Sochi Paralympics Day 3 Summary March 10th, 2014.

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Day 3 Will See Medals Awarded In 7 Competitions 

Medals will be awarded in seven competitions on the third day of competition at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games.

On the ski slopes, women will compete for three sets of medals in Super-G in the categories of Standing, Sitting, and Visually Impaired.

Meanwhile at Laura, the cross-country skiers take to the snow to battle for medals. Competitions will be held in men’s 20km Classic for both Standing and the Visually Impaired, and in women’s 15km Classic in these same categories.

At the Ice Cube in the Coastal Cluster, the round robin tournament in Wheelchair Curling continues. Eight teams will meet in the fifth and sixth sessions.

The women’s super-G competitions in the visually impaired category ended at Rosa Khutor. Kelly Gallagher of Great Britain won the gold medal, finishing with a time of 1:28.72. The winner of the silver medal was Russia’s Aleksandra Frantseva (1:28.94), while Great Britain won a second medal in the event with Jade Etherington (1:29.76) securing the bronze.


The men’s 20km Classic standing cross-country race has now finished at Laura. Rushan Minnegulov added another gold to Russia’s medal haul with his winning time of 50 minutes and 55.1 seconds. The silver medal was claimed by Ilkka Tuomisto of Finland, who finished in 51 minutes and 31.5 sec. Vladislav Lekomtcev picked up the bronze medal (51 minutes, 44.6 seconds) and ensured two Russian athletes on the podium.


The women have contested another set of medals in the super-G today, with the competition for standing athletes now complete. Gold  and silver were won by athletes from France – Marie Bochet with a result time of 1:24.20 and Solene Jambaque following with 1:26.20. Bronze will be awarded to America’s Stephanie Jallen (1:30.14).

Canadian skier Brian McKeever has won the 20 km cross-country skiing competition classic style for visually impaired athletes.

He posted the best time of 52 minutes and 37.1 seconds and became a Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games champion. Silver was won by Russian skier Stanislav Chokhlaev, finishing with a time of 53 minutes and 43.3 seconds. Third position was achieved by Sweden’s Zebastian Modin, who covered the distance 3 minutes, 57.8 seconds behind McKeever.

The Paralympic medal winners in the women’s super-G in the sitting category were decided today. Germany’s Anna Shaffelhuber claimed victory, finishing with a final time of 1 minute 29.11 seconds. The triumph in the super-G brought means she is a double Paralympic champion at the Sochi 2014. Shaffelhuber yesterday posted the best time and climbed to the top of the podium in the downhill.

 Second was Austrian’s Claudia Loesch, who finished 2.09 seconds outside the gold medal position. America’s Laurie Stephens was not far behind, coming 2.98 seconds behind and celebrating her second bronze medal in Sochi.


The cross-country skiing competitions at Laura across the classic style 15 km distance for standing athletes have concluded. The new Paralympic champion in Sochi is Sweden’s Helene Ripa, who completed the race in the individual starts in 49 minutes and 49.2 seconds. Ukrainian skier Iuliia Batenkova finished just 3.9 seconds from gold and ended the race in second place and with a silver medal. The bronze medalist was Russian athlete Anna Milenina, who trailed by 1 minute and 38.1 seconds.


Elena Remizova and Mikhalina Lysova have continued the victorious performance of the Russian team at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. On day 3 of competition, the Russians won gold and silver medals in the 15 km cross-country for visually impaired athletes. The bronze was won by Belarus’ Yadviha Skorabahataya.

Remizova overcame the distance in 49 minutes and 10.2 seconds, with Lysova taking 1 minute and 37.3 seconds longer. Belarusian athlete Yadviha Skorabahataya came third, finishing 6 minutes and 26.3 seconds behind the leader.


Wheelchair Curling matches in the round robin qualifiers at the Paralympic Games in Sochi have now been concluded at Ice Cube. At the end of the 5th and 6th sessions, Russia and Canada led the standings after five meetings and only one loss.

Slovakia’s winning run was interrupted by the British curlers today, overcoming the Slovaks with a convincing 12:2 win. Both teams now occupy second place with three wins and one defeat.

The seemingly invincible Canadian team tried to break passed the Norwegian team in the evening session, with the Norwegian curlers, losing after seven ends, managed to reverse the course of the game and beat the Canadians in an additional end. Norway now has three wins and two losses, occupying fifth place in the standings.
The Chinese team won both their matches today. In the morning, China defeated Sweden 8-4, and later left nothing to chance in its win against South Korea with a 11-2 scoreline. 

Fortune clearly turned against the South Korean curlers – in the morning they lost to Russia 5-7, and after their second defeat they dropped to second to last in the standings.

Russia meanwhile added two wins with victories over South Korea and the United States (6-5). Following the sixth session Russia is first in the overall standings.

Day 2 Summary Banner March 9, 2014

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Day 2 of Competition For 5 Sets of Medals

On the second day of competition at the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, the champions of the super-G and cross-country “sitting” skiing will be decided.

Athletes will compete for five sets of medals at the Mountain Cluster in Krasnaya Polyana. At the Laura venue, competitions will be held for cross-country skiers in the sitting category – the women’s 12km and men’s 15km.

Meanwhile at Rosa Khutor, winners will be crowned in men’s super-G in three categories: sitting, standing and visually impaired.

At the Coastal Cluster, the preliminary rounds of team competition at the Paralympic Winter Games continues. Today at the Ice Cube Curling Center, the next two sessions of the competition will be held. The Shayba Arena will also host four rounds of the group tournament will be played. In Group A it’s the Czech Republic versus Sweden and Canada versus Norway; in Group B the United States take on South Korea and Russia plays Italy.

Cross Country Skiing

Lyudmyla Pavlenko of Ukraine won the gold medal in the women’s 12km cross-country sitting competition at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. She finished the race in 38 minutes and 54.3 seconds. The silver medal went to Oksana Masters of the United States, who clocked a time of 39 minutes and 16 seconds. Earning the bronze medal was Russia’s Svetlana Konovalova, who trailed the gold medal position by 55.5 seconds. Yesterday,  Konovalova won silver in the 6km biathlon and has now added the bronze in cross-country skiing to her medal haul from the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games.

The Russian team has won a convincing victory at the Laura Cross-country Ski and Biathlon Center in the men’s 15 km cross-country competition in the sitting category. The achievement marks the second Paralympic gold in Sochi for Roman Petushkov, who finished the race with a time of 40:51.6. Irek Zaripov (41:55.1) won the silver medal and Alexander Davidovich (42:08.6) claimed the bronze.

Alpine Skiing – Super G

The men’s super-G event has come to an end on the Roza Khutor ski slopes. Competitions were held in three categories – standing, sitting and the visually impaired category.

Visually impaired Slovakia Skier, Jakub Krako won gold with a time of 1 minute and 20.58 seconds.  America’s Mark Batum finished 0.13 seconds behind taking the silver medal and Canada’s Mack Marku, who completed the descent 0.19 later than the leader, took the Bronze.

In the “standing” category, representatives of Austria won the gold and silver medals. Marcus Zalcher had the fastest time of 1 minute and 20.92 seconds and became two time Paralympic champion in Sochi – yesterday he also won in downhill. Matthias Lanzinger came 0.41 seconds behind him and took the second place on the podium. Alexey Bugaev, an athlete from Russia secured himself a bronze medal. This is the second Paralympic Games medal in Sochi for the 16-year old Russian – yesterday Bugaev earned a silver medal in downhill.

In the “sitting” category, Japanese Akira Kano won another gold medal. Yesterday he had the fastest time in downhill in his category, and today he finished first with a final score of 1 minute and 19.51 seconds. Another representative of Japan Taiki Mori took second place – he completed the descent 2.09 seconds later than Kano. Canada’s Caleb Brousseau took the third place on the podium, 2.54 seconds behind the leader.


Day 1 Summary Banner March 8, 2014

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Begin With Contests For 12 Sets of Medals

On the first day of competition at the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, a total of 12 sets of medals will be awarded. Olympic champions and medalists will be determined in downhill skiing and short distance biathlon.

At the Laura Cross-country Ski and Biathlon Center, biathletes will compete for medals in women’s 6km and men’s 7.5 km. The biathletes competing are within a number of impairment categories – visually impaired and athletes with spinal cord injuries, who compete standing and sitting.

In the Coastal Cluster today, there will be competitions starting in wheelchair curling, which will be held at the Ice Cube Curling Center – the same venue as the Olympic Curling event.

In the Shaiba Arena, the first group of sledge hockey matches will be held. The Russian team, bronze medalists in the 2013 World Cup, will meet with the South Korean team in the opening game.

The first biathlon starts in women’s 6km sitting and men’s 7.5km at the Laura Cross-Country Ski and Biathlon Center have finished.

In the women’s competition, Andrea Eskau of Germany won gold with a time of 19:12.4, Svetlana Konovalova of Russia won the silver medal with a time of 19:31.1 and Olena Iurkovska of Ukraine won bronze with a time of 19:39.6.

Roman Petushkov won Russia’s first Paralympic gold, perfectly shooting a distance of 7.5 km and finishing with a score of 21:03.7. Ukrainian athlete, Maxim Yarovov was eight seconds behind the Gold medalist. Japanese athlete, Kozo Kubo and closed the top three with a score of 21:45.6.

Two more sets of medals were won this afternoon in the Paralympic Biathlon competition held at Laura. In the Men’s 7.5 km short distance, Russian athlete Vladislav Lekomotsev won gold with silver going to Canadian Mark Arendz. The bronze medal was won by Russian Azat Karachurin.

Lekometsev completed the race with one penalty and finished in 19 minutes and 13.7 seconds – only 0.7 seconds ahead of the Canadian athlete. Arendz also missed once, but lost out to Lekometsev for speed. Bronze winner Karachurin finished 1.2 seconds behind the leader.

In the Women’s 6 km, gold and silver were won by Russian athletes Alena Kaufman and Anna Milenina respectively, with bronze going to the Ukrainian Yulia Batenkova.

Kaufman closed both targets cleanly with a final time of 18 minutes and 27.2 seconds. Due to two misses, Milenina lost a total of 30.2 seconds. Julia Batenkova had one penalty and finished 50.5 seconds behind the leader.

The downhill at the Rosa Khutor Alpine Center has now concluded, with medals contested in three categories in the women’s and men’s competitions.

In the women’s visually impaired event, Slovakia’s Henrietta Farkasova recorded the best time of 1 minute and 31.55 seconds. In the second place, 2.73 seconds behind, was Great Britain’s Jade Etherington. The bronze Award belongs to the Russian Alexandra Frantseva, who completed the descent 4.23 seconds behind Farkasova’s gold winning time.

France’s Marie Bouchet ended up top of the rankings in the women’s standing category, having completed the descent in 1 minute and 30.72 seconds. Behind her came silver medal winner Inga Medvedeva from Russia (1:32.19) and America’s Allison Jones (1:34.09), who won the bronze medal.

In the women’s sitting category, the gold medal was won by Germany’s  Anna Schaffelhuber. She finished with a time of 1 minute and 35.55 seconds. The second and third places were secured by athletes from the United States. The silver was claimed by Alana Nichols, who completed the descent just 0.14 seconds after Schaffelhuber, and bronze belongs to Laurie Stevens, who finished 1.39 seconds outside the gold medal position.

In the competition for men with impaired vision, the Paralympic Winter Games gold won by the Spanish skier Jon Santakana, with a descent time of 1:21.76. A mere 0.25 seconds behind him was the Slovakian skier Miroslav Haraus, winning the silver. Canada’s Mark Mack took 1.26 seconds longer for his descent, earning the bronze.

In the men’s standing category, the best time was achieved by Austria’s Markus Salzer (1:24.35). Russia’s Alexey Bugaev claimed second place – just 0.6 seconds behind. France’s Vincent Gauthier-Manuel, who finished 0.95 seconds behind gold position, was in the third place.

The men’s sitting category saw Japan and Canada on the podium. The gold medal was won by Japanese skier Akira Kano, who completed the course in 1 minute and 23.80 seconds. Canada’s Josh Duke lost out on gold by just 0.39 seconds, but secured the silver medal. Takeshi Suzuki made it two Japanese athletes on the podium for the competition, claiming the bronze medal, 0.95 seconds after his compatriot.

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