Abled.Networks: Logo and text against a curved bank of monitors in a control room blended into a starry sky above the curve of the Earth. Each network is represented by a different name and color and their image is described in each module below this banner.

Living an Abled®Life

We’re on a mission to take the ‘dis’ out of ‘disabled’ by building a global online and offline digital ecosystem of accessible and inclusive Communities, Content, Products, Services and Technology that will help everyone to make better-informed choices for a better quality of life.

The Abled® digital ecosystem also advocates to bring improved accessibility options to the business community by working with companies to provide them with accessible product and service platforms to reduce the barriers to consumers who deserve more accessible and equitable interactions.

It’s a model of social enterprise designed to also open new career pathways for persons who face the highest levels of unemployment and exclusion because of health, physical or sensory conditions by providing adaptive training and employment in producing content or delivering services.

Ambitious, yes, but not impossible, especially with the participation of like-minded individuals.

If you’d like more information about being a donor, sponsor or participant, feel free to send an email to [email protected].

Abled®  is an initiative and Registered International Wordmark and Trademark of The Laura And Wagner Foundation.


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Abled.ALERT: Image of 3 lab workers dressed in protective gear with a computer model of the SARS-Cov2 virus in the background.

Our Abled®ALERT Network issues accessible alerts about Emergencies, Missing Persons, Outbreaks of viruses or disease, Recalls of autos, consumer products food or medical products, Threats to personal, community, financial or cyber security and Weather – related emergencies or warnings.


Abled.News: Image of curved monitor wall under the logo and above the Abled.News icon which is a circular beacon inside a rounded triangle.

Our Abled®News Network covers current events that are relevant to our mission of producing and curating informative and impartial content that helps people to make better informed choices as they journey through life. This is for topics that fall outside our other categories.


Abled.City: Illustration of world landmarks on a curved half of the Earth under a blue sky with some clouds.

Our Abled®City Network provides local portals for our news and information services, as well as local directories for businesses under various categories that are providing accessible and inclusive experiences for products and services, whether online or offline.


Abled.Health: Photo of middle-aged couplsitting cross-legged on cushions with their hands in the namaste position with the ocean behind them on a sunny day.

Our Abled®Health Network produces content for making the best choices in nutrition, supplements, medicines, treatments and physical activity to live a healthy lifestyle. This also includes the latest research that may be helpful to anyone living with pre-existing or developing conditions.


Abled Issues. Image: Colored pencils are aligned together under the phrase "No Bullying".

Our Abled®Issues Network produces and curates stories that have an impact on equal rights, human rights, legal rights, workers’ rights, and disability rights related to access, accessibility, and inclusion in everyday life, and in the areas of education, employment, finances, housing and travel.


Abled.Life: Photo of a woman leaping above the ground while trailing a long green fabric that matches the color of her slacks and the Abled logo.

Our Abled®Life Network produces and curates content for making the best choices through all the big and small daily experiences we all encounter on our journey through life with an emphasis on stories that inspire and enlighten us in a more accessible, equitable and inclusive world.


Abled.Money: Illustration of different types of currency icons zooming from the background to the foreground.

Our Abled®Money Network produces and curates information related to the major financial issues and decisions we all face at different stages of life, whether it’s planning for accommodation, a baby, education, career , investments, travel or retirement, with an emphasis on accessibility.


Abled.People: Photo of two people giving each other a high five at the top of a mountain summit with the sun in the background.

Our Abled®People Network produces and curates stories about people in everyday life situations that may need assistance, or who are setting examples of inspirational and progressive humanity as advocates for accessibility, equal rights, and inclusiveness around the world.


Abled.Shop: Photo illustration of a shopper holding up a smartphone in the foreground with the Abled.Shop app or page open with virtual overlays over a department store scene in the background.

Our Abled®Shop Network is being built to provide a curated shopping experience with an emphasis on accessibility as well as building a community of shoppers who can help evolve their group buying power to obtain discounts on essential everyday products and services.


Abled.Sports: Photo of a group of teens, including one in a wheelchair, playing volleyball in a circle.

Our Abled®Sports Network covers inspirational stories of individual and team sports with an emphasis on inclusiveness and equitability. We highlight the innovative things being accomplished in the area of adaptive and universal design to make sports participation more accessible.


Abled.Tech: Photo illustration shows a woman dressed in a space mylar bodysuit wearing a VR (Virtual Reality) headset outside on a hillside.

Our Abled®Tech Network produces and curates information related to the current and upcoming tech designed to provide improved accessibility, including apps, devices, software and online services that enhance the online and offline experiences for everyone.


Abled.Travel: Photo of thatched huts along a beach in Curaçao as the sun goes down.

Our Abled®Travel Network produces and curates content about travel destinations and includes directories and ratings of accessible hotels, restaurants, shops and other travel related products and services designed to provide the most informative inclusive experiences for all travelers.



The growing scale of the COVID-19 pandemic is overwhelming medical facilities and medical professionals world-wide, and causing a critical shortage in PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

#GetUsPPE is a coalition of people in medicine that is trying to coordinate donation and distribution of masks, gloves, goggles and other essential items through an online data base that connects donors with healthcare workers and facilities.

They are also trying to unite with the maker community to validate designs that can be widely shared among the medical community and easily printed in local manufacturing facilities.

You can request or give as follows:


Image montage of high demand PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) including N95 Respirator Masks, Surgical Masks, Protective Goggles, Gloves (Nitrile, non-powdered), Face Shields, (Wipes: Disinfectant.
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