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AbledWarriors Post Banner shows US Army Ranger Vet Oskar Zepeda standing beside a computer work station as he is interviewed for a TV news story. He is one of 17 special ops interns working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The headline reads: Special Ops Vets: The HERO program recruits interns for war on child predators.

Wounded Warriors Find Second Career Busting Child Porn Distributors


He has served his country, and then some. Former Army Ranger, Staff Sgt. Oskar Zepeda is a veteran of nine deployments to Afghanistisan and Iraq – a record of service cut short when a Taliban commander he was trying to restrain blew himself up with a grenade.


As the Seattle Times reports, When Zepeda awoke three days later, his entire right side mangled, doctors were debating amputating his arm and leg. He had lost his quads, his hamstring and suffered foot and wrist drop. For six months he couldn’t walk.”


Surgeons rebuilt his body, giving him a foot brace to allow him to walk normally and removing the damaged tendons in his hand so he could use it again. Through months of physical therapy, he regained his strength.”


AbledWarriors photo shows Staff. Sgt. Oskar Zepeda standing facing the doorway to, and nameplate of, the Digital Forensics Lab of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Photo from the JapanTimes/AP.

 Photo: Japan Times/AP


Now, three years and 25 surgeries later, Zepeda is training for a second career as one of 17 Special Ops veterans in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement program called HERO. They now go into battle in the war on child predators, and Zepeda, who underwent a strict vetting process, searches the hard drives of computers seized from suspected pedophiles, looking for evidence of child pornography. 


It’s had such a big impact on ICE’s caseload that the agency is expanding the program, and with it, opportunities for wounded warriors like Zepeda. In fact, ICE is recruiting its next class of interns. Special Ops vets who have recently transitioned or who are in the process of transitioning can email for more information.


Seattle’s KING5 did the following report on Oskar Zepeda’s internship:

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