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Social Media Motivates People To Honor A WW II Veteran They Never Knew


It all started with a newspaper posting appealing for some former or active servicemen and women to attend a funeral for Harold Jellicoe Percival, a veteran of World War Two who died last month at the age of 99. He never married. He never had children.


His nephew thought only a few family members would be attending his farewell. That was until some members of the public starting posting the ad on social media.


Mr. Percival, who was known as Coe, may have spent most of his life in a lonely existence, but his send-off was another matter as hundreds of strangers showed-up and stood silently in the rain during the service because 100 other people had filled the small crematorium chapel to capacity.


They broke into applause when ‘The Last Post’ was played as his flag-draped casket was removed from the hearse for the service.



Read the full account of this extraordinary public response and see a video of it at BBC News by clicking here.


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