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Jalle Jungnell of Sweden in action during the wheelchair curling round robin session 5 match between Sweden and China at the Ice Cube Curling Center.
AbledSports photo from Sochi WInter Paralympics shows a Canadian curler's broom next to a stone during the wheelchair curling round robin session 5 match between USA and Canada at the Ice Cube Curling Center.
Wheelchair Curling Summary Friday March 14, 2014 Banner

Team Canada Takes The Gold Medal

Wheelchair Curling

The exciting finals of team competitions will take place at the Coastal Cluster. At the Ice Cube arena, the best four teams in wheelchair curling will battle to advance to the finals.

At 9:30 Great Britain takes on Russia, and in a nearby sheet at the same time, Canada meets China.

Later in the day the winners of these matches will compete for the title of Paralympic champion, and the losers will compete for the bronze medal.


Wheelchair Curling


The Canadian Paralympic Curling Team – Photo: Peters/Getty Images

From by Gary Kingston

SOCHI – Perhaps they should rename the Ice Cube curling centre at Olympic Park.  Maybe call it Canada House?

Jim Armstrong’s experienced Canadian wheelchair rink stole seven consecutive points, including a game-clinching three in the sixth end, to beat Russia 8-3 on Saturday to win the 2014 Paralympics gold medal.

The win comes one month after Jennifer Jones and Brad Jacobs skipped Canadian rinks to Olympic gold at same venue. And it was third consecutive Paralympic gold for Canada since the wheelchair game debuted in 2006 at Turin.

“We’re unique and it’s a different event, but it’s great for Canada and great for us,” the 63-year-old Armstrong, a six-time Brier participant in his able-bodied playing days, said of the Sochi trifecta.

Lead Sonja Gaudet of Vernon, B.C., and third Ina Forrest of Armstrong, B.C., were also on that 2010 rink and Gaudet first won gold in 2006. First-timers Dennis Thiessen of Winnipeg, who played second, and alternate Mark Idseson of London, Ont., rounded out the 2014 team.

“It was an emotional high . . . an unbelievable feeling,” said Thiessen, who was the first person to initiate celebratory hugs after the Canadians ran Russia out of rocks in the eighth end.

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The silver medal goes to Team Russia, while the bronze went to Great Britain after defeating China 7-3.



Russia and Canada to compete in wheelchair curling final

The Russian Wheelchair curling team has secured a place in the final after winning its match against Great Britain 13-4. Russia will now play Canada in the semifinals.

In the first end, the Russian team scored one point against Great Britain but by the end of the second end, after a successful throw by Andrey Smirnov the score was 4-0 to Russia. In the third end, Great Britain fought back and scored three points, but errors in the fourth end allowed their opponents to score seven points and by the halfway point Russia led by 8 points. Russia scored two more points towards the end of the Game, whilst Great Britain only scored one.

In the second match, Canada and China played a place in the final. In the first two ends, Canada took the lead, but after the first six end China tied the score at 3-3. In the seventh end, Canada had successful throws and scored two points. In the final end, China was able to score only one point. The final score of the match was 5-4, and the Canadian curlers advanced to the finals.


At 15:30 at the Ice Cube, Canada and Russia will battle for the gold medal, and at the same time, China and Great Britain will play to determine who takes home the bronze medal.


Wheelchair Curling Summary Thursday March 13, 2014 Banner

Sessions 11 And 12 Of Round Robin Competition

Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair Curling will continue today at the Ice Cube arena where the final 11th and 12th sessions of the Round-Robin tournament will be take place.

Russia and Canada have both made it to the semifinals of the tournament.

Eight teams will battle it out for the final two places. Currently the UK and Slovakia are favorites to get to the semi-finals.

Wheelchair Curling

Matches in the 11th session of the Wheelchair Curling round robin tournament have now concluded. The morning session was a success for the Canadian team, which convincingly defeated Slovakia 16:0. In the same session, the Swedish team also overcame Norway 11:1.

Curlers from the USA and Finland were unlucky to be defeated by the minimum difference of one stone, missing out to teams the Great Britain and South Korea team respectively.

AbledSports Sochi Wheelchair Curling Summary Day 4 Wednesday March 12 2014.

Sessions 9 And 10 Of Round Robin Competition

Wheelchair Curling

Day five of competitions in Sochi will see nine Paralympic champions receive medals. 

Round-robin tournament games will continue in the Wheelchair Curling competitions.

In Session 9, the following teams will play each other: Russia and Great Britain; USA and China; Norway and Slovakia and Canada and South Korea.

Session 10 will see China and Finland, Sweden and the USA, and Norway and Russia play each other.

Wheelchair Curling


Russia and Canada have both made it through to the semi-finals of Wheelchair Curling after beating their opponents on the fifth day of the Paralympic Games in Sochi.


The Russian team defeated Great Britain 11:2 and has progressed to the semifinals.  Canada won against South Korea with a score of 10:4 and is  scheduled to play its next match on 15 March.


The 10th session games in the Wheelchair Curling round robin confirmed the main candidates for the remaining two rounds to the semifinals, which are the teams from Great Britain and Slovakia.


In the 10th session, the teams from China and the United States beat their rivals. The USA vs. Sweden match ended with a score of 8:3, with China v. Finland ending 8:2. The teams from China and the United States share 5th place in the standings, while Sweden is in the penultimate position, with Finland currently bottom.


The Russian team beat the national team of Norway with the smallest of margins 6:5, with victory secured only at the very the final end. Russia still leads the standings, but the loss by the Norwegians led to them being placed in 7th with three points.


AbledSports Sochi Wheelchair Curling Summary Day 4 Tuesday March 11 2014.

The Battle For Curling Medals Gains Momentum

Wheelchair Curling

Day four of competitions in Sochi will see twelve Paralympic champions receive medals. 

Wheelchair Curling continues today and will see Canada and Slovakia battle for victory after recent defeats and Russia and Great Britain challenge them for first place.

Wheelchair Curling


In the Coastal Cluster, the curlers have completed their matches in sessions 7 and 8 of the round robin tournament.


In the seventh session, Great Britain was defeated by Finland, ranked as a tournament outsider, with a convincing 4-13 score line, and Slovakia overcame South Korea 4-7. In Russia’s sole match of the day, the host nation beat Sweden 7-4.


In the eighth session, Great Britain managed to claim a point in their match against Norway, which the British won 7-3. Canada was victorious once again, this time defeating China 8-5. Slovakia lost to Sweden 3-9 which meant they dropped 4 places in the standings, sharing a position with the defeated teams from Norway and China.


Team USA beat Finland with a narrow victory. Together in the team standings are Finland, bottom of the list with one win and five losses, while the United States shares seventh place with Sweden and South Korea.


The leaders in the ranking are currently Russia and Canada, with 5 wins and 1 loss, followed by Great Britain with 4 points.


AbledSports Banner Sochi Paralympics Wheelchair Curling Summary Monday March 10 2014.

Russia & Canada Lead The Standings In The Round Robin Qualifiers

Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair Curling matches in the 5th and 6th sessions of the round robin qualifiers at the Paralympic Games in Sochi conclude today at Ice Cube. 

Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair Curling matches in the round robin qualifiers at the Paralympic Games in Sochi have now been concluded at Ice Cube. At the end of the 5th and 6th sessions, Russia and Canada led the standings after five meetings and only one loss.

Despite losing their unbeaten record, Canada remains at the top of the standings alongside hosts Russia at the half-way point in the round-robin wheelchair curling competition after Day 3 of play at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games.

Taking place in the Ice Cube Curling Center, the morning session of play on Monday (10 March) saw defending Paralympic champions Canada come up against North American neighbours, USA. 

Canada skip Jim Armstrong made a crucial breakthrough in the third end with his first stone as he made a draw around a guard. USA skip Patrick McDonald responded by attempting a difficult raise which didn’t pay off.

This left Canadian skip Jim Armstrong with a draw to score two points and take a 3-1 lead after three ends.

In the second half of the game Canada took control, taking two points after the break, in the fifth end, before stealing two single points in the sixth and seventh ends.

With the score at 7-2 the USA conceded the game to give Canada their fourth win of the competition.

Afterwards, Canada third Ina Forrest said: “I think as a team we played pretty well. The ice suited us and we could hit again, so that was kind of nice. When it gets a little heavier you have to have a lot more strength to make hits so this made it a little bit easier.”


Hosts Russia kept up the pressure on Canada as they defeated South Korea. The game was still tight going into the later stages, with South Korea leading 5-4 going into the eighth and final end. 

With the last stone advantage, however, Russian skip Andrey Smirnov was able to hit the only Korean stone in the house to score three points and win the game 7-5.


Finland went into their game against Norway still looking for their first win. The game proved tight throughout, with the scores tied 3-3 at the fourth end break, but Norway emerged with the 8-6 victory.


The fourth game of the morning session was between last year’s World Wheelchair Curling Championship silver medallists, Sweden, and bronze medallists, China.

In this game, China raced into the lead, taking four points from the first two ends. Although Sweden scored one point of their own in the third end, China took a substantial step towards their victory in the fourth end.

China skip Haitao Wang made a precise take-out around a guard to score three points which left the score at 7-1 at the fourth end break.

China picked up a steal of one point in the sixth end before Sweden gained three points from the next two ends before they decided to concede defeat, after seven ends of play, with the score 8-4 to China.

Afterwards, China skip Haitao Wang said: “We have a very good mood and we won with confidence. Today compared to the other day, we played much better. We never really had that much confidence (in earlier games), but each of us thought of winning the game (today), so that added confidence helped us win as a team.”


In the afternoon, Canada lost their first match in Sochi, as Norway made a late comeback to defeat them in an extra end.

Norway found themselves 4-1 down after only three ends but managed to level the game in the eighth end by stealing one point to take the game into an extra end, their second of the day.

Although Canada had last stone advantage, Norway set up the end well as their lead, Terje Rafdal, positioned a guard that protected a Norwegian stone that was sitting shot.

Norway continued to protect this stone throughout the end and after Canada skip Jim Armstrong failed with a raise take-out attempt with his last stone, Norway stole two points to win the game, 8-6.


Like Norway, China won two games on the day, also defeating South Korea, 11-2.

Slovakia meanwhile lost their undefeated record as they were beaten by Great Britain, both teams having had a bye in the morning session of play. 

Great Britain were already 6-2 ahead after five ends before Slovakian skip Radoslav Duris gave away a steal of four points to Great Britain after he was short with his final draw.

The teams played one more end where Great Britain stole another two points, at which point Slovakia conceded with the final score 12-2.


Hosts Russia were the other winners in this session of play as they defeated the USA, 6-5.


Play resumes on Tuesday (11 March) at 9:30 (MSK) followed by another session at 15:30 (MSK).



1. Canada 4-1

1. Russia 4-1

3. Great Britain 3-1

3. Slovakia 3-1

5. China 3-2

5. Norway 3-2

7. Sweden 1-3

8. Korea 1-4

8. USA 1-4

10. Finland 0-4

AbledSports Banner Sochi Paralympics Wheelchair Curling Summary Sunday March 9 2014.

Canada and Slovakia Remain Undefeated in Wheelchair Curling

On the second day of competition at the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, the preliminary rounds of team competition at the Paralympic Winter Games continues.

Today at the Ice Cube Curling Center, the next two sessions of the Round Robin competition will be held. 

Wheelchair Curling


Defending Paralympic champions Canada and debutants Slovakia finished the second day of play at the top of the standings as the only unbeaten teams in the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games wheelchair curling competition.

In the morning session, Slovakia earned their second win of the competition against China.

 After three ends they were leading 4-1 and although China battled back to 4-3 after five ends, Slovakia made a breakthrough in the sixth end when their third Branislav Jakubec managed to clear a Chinese stone sitting in the four foot ring behind several guards. 

This play eventually led to Slovakia taking two points before they claimed a steal of two points in the seventh end before China conceded with the final score 8-3.

Slovakia skip Radoslav Duris said: “We are so happy that we have won this match. To have imagined before that we would come here and after two games have a 2-0 record was just a dream to us.”


Great Britain picked up the first of their two wins today by defeating Vancouver 2010 bronze medallists Sweden, 6-4.

Although Sweden were leading 4-2 after five ends of play, Great Britain took two points in the sixth end before stealing a single point in the seventh end to take a 5-4 lead.

In the eighth end, Great Britain skip Aileen Neilson made a draw to the four foot rings against two Swedish counting stones and when Swedish skip Jalle Jungell missed a take-out with his last stone Great Britain took a steal of one point and a 6-4 victory.


The USA secured their first win of the competition as they defeated Norway. Whilst USA raced to a 4-1 lead after three ends, the main turning point came in the fifth end.

USA skip Patrick McDonald was forced to make a difficult take-out through a narrow port to score three points and give them a substantial lead that they would never lose as they eventually won 8-5.


Host nation Russia recorded their second win of the competition so far as they subjected Finland to their second defeat.

Although the teams were tied 2-2 at the fourth end break, Russia took control of the game in the seventh end. Finnish skip Markku Karjalainen came up short of the house on two of his draws after Russia skip Andrey Smirnov made a draw through a port which eventually led to a score of three points.

This was enough to make Finland concede the game with the final score 7-4 to Russia after seven ends of play.

Russina skip Andrey Smirnov said: “There is just one strategy – to win. In the eighth end, it was simply to take out all (the opponents’ stones). There were no challenges today, just to correct our mistakes. By winning today it means we have corrected our mistakes.”


Slovakia then went on to make it two wins from two, as they came from behind to defeat Finland in the afternoon session of play.

Finland were leading 6-3 after six ends before Slovakia turned the game around. Slovakia skip Radoslav Duris took advantage of several mistakes by Finland which left him with the task of drawing into a house containing only three Slovakian stones and no Finnish stones, to score four points.

Slovakia then stole two points in the eighth and final end to record a 9-6 win which left them in join top spot in the standings after two days of play.


Canada joined Slovakia in top spot as they won their game against Sweden. By the fifth end Canada were ahead 5-2 thanks in part to a hit and roll made by Canadian skip Jim Armstrong with his last stone in the fourth end which eventually proved to be the stone that stole a single point for Canada and gave them the lead for the first time in the game.

Canada went on to win by 7-4 to keep their 100 per cent record intact, matching Slovakia’s record of three wins from three games so far.


Great Britain completed a successful day as well as they defeated Korea in the only other session of afternoon play, 8-4.


Play resumes on Monday (10 March) at 9:30 (MSK) followed by another session at 15:30 (MSK).

AbledSports Banner Sochi Paralympics Wheelchair Curling Summary Saturday March 8 2014.

Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Round Robin Wheelchair Curling Begins

On the first day of competition at the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, a total of 12 sets of medals will be awarded. Olympic champions and medalists will be determined in downhill skiing and short distance biathlon.

In the Coastal Cluster today, there will be competitions starting in wheelchair curling, which will be held at the Ice Cube Curling Center – the same venue as the Olympic Curling event. 


About Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair Curling was introduced into the Paralympic program in Torino in 2006. The sport is the Paralympic equivalent of Curling with the difference lying in the way the players move around the field of play and handle the stone. And most notable — there are no sweeping techniques used. So the sport is not less tough physically and even more complicated technically than Curling itself.

The sport is governed by the same organization  in charge of Curling — the World Curling Federation (WCF).


Competition Description

The sport is open to male and female athletes who have a physical disability in the lower half of their body, including spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and double-leg amputation.

Teams are comprised of both men and women, and the sport is now practiced in 24 different countries.

Two teams play against each other, pushing stones in turn down the ice towards a series of concentric rings or circles called «the house». The object is to get the stones as close to the center of the rings as possible.

Two teams play against each other, pushing stones in turn down the ice towards a series of concentric rings or circles called «the house». The object is to get the stones as close to the center of the rings as possible.


Sport Equipment

Stone: The stone’s weight is 19.96 kg.

Handle: A handle is attached to every stone to deliver and release it. Players may use their hands to throw the stone or an extender cue that can be attached to the handle of the stone to push it.



The first World Wheelchair Curling Championship was held in January 2002 and in March that year, the International Paralympic Committee granted official medal status to Wheelchair Curling for mixed gender teams.

The sport made its Paralympic debut in Torino in 2006 with eight teams participating. The number of teams competing in the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games was increased to ten.


More information



From World Curling:

Reigning world champions Canada won their first two games on opening day of play of the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games wheelchair curling competition taking place in the Ice Cube Curling Centre.


Canada picked up their first win in the morning session of play as skip Jim Armstrong and his team defeated Great Britain in what proved to be a game of two halves.

Great Britain’s Aileen Neilson, the only female skip in the competition, stole single points in the first two ends to take a two point lead.

 Canada then levelled the game in the third end, scoring two points before Great Britain scored another single point to take the lead at 3-2 going into the fourth end break.

After scoring a single point in the fifth end, Canada then stole a single point in the sixth end to take the lead for the first time in the game.

In the seventh end, Canada’s Armstrong was facing two British counting stones when he made a hit and rolled behind cover. Great Britain skip Neilson could not get the weight right with her final stone giving Canada another single point steal and a crucial two point advantage going into the eighth and final end.

Canada rounded off the game with another steal of one point to leave the final score 6-3 in their favour. 


On the next sheet, Norway defeated Korea 10-0 in only six ends. After blanking the first two ends Norway took the lead that they were never to lose in the third end.

The final blow for Korea came in the sixth end when Norway took another four points after which point Korea conceded the game.

Afterwards, Norway skip Rune Lorentsen said: “Today they (Korea) didn’t find the ice. It curls a lot so if you’re a little bit too weak on the light take-outs it curls over. We had some of them so we had to increase the speed a little bit.”

Slovakia made a winning start in the Paralympic debut as they defeated USA, 6-4.

Slovakia took an early 3-0 lead after two ends, which they would never lose. USA did battle back however, taking a single point in the third end before stealing a single point in the fourth end.

After the break, Slovakia took control of the game, taking a single point in the fifth end. In the next end, skip Radoslav Duris made a hit and roll in the eight foot ring to sit behind cover which eventually led to another steal of one point to give them a 5-2 lead.

Although USA scored another two points in the seventh end Slovakia rounded of the game with a score of one point to win the game 6-4.


Hosts Russia got off with a win as well in their game against last year’s world bronze medallists, China, to the delight of the large, vocal home support.

The key moment in this game came in the sixth end when Russia skip Andrey Smirnov drew behind a guard to force China skip Haitao Wang to also play a draw. However, the Chinese skip was light and gave up a steal of one point as Russia went on to win by a single point – 5-4.

After the game, Smirnov was grateful for the large number of Russian’s who turned out to support his team. He said: “I was caught off guard by it at first; it was very unexpected. After my ears adjusted it didn’t sound like noise, it sounded like support.”


In the afternoon session, Canada picked up their second win of the day against hosts Russia. It was a tight game throughout with the score tied at 2-2 at the fourth end break, and it was not until the eighth end that Canada sealed their victory. 


Sweden started their Paralympic campaign in the afternoon and got off to a great start, defeating Paralympic debutants Finland, 7-6.

Both teams swapped scores of three points in the first two ends, but Finland edged in front 5-4 by the fourth end break thanks to a score of two points in the fourth end.

The seventh end proved the turning point for Sweden. With his first stone, Sweden skip Jalle Jungnell made a takeout to which ended up behind cover.

This forced pressure on Finland and with his last shot, Finnish skip Markku Karjalainen was light with his last draw giving Sweden a steal of one point and a crucial two point lead going into the last end.

As Finland could only score one point in the last end, Sweden took the win.

South Korea then bounced back from their heavy loss to Norway earlier in the day to beat USA, 9-5. Norway lost to China in their second game by a score of 7-3.


Wheelchair curling play resumes on Sunday (9 March) at 9:30 (MSK) followed by another session at 15:30 (MSK).

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