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AbledSports photo from Sochi Olympics Biathlon shows Sean Halsted of the USA aiming a rifle as he competes in the Men's Biathlon 12.5km - Sitting.
AbledSports photo from the Sochi Paralympics shows Kozo Kubo of Japan strapped in as he kneels in his double ski housing as he competes in the Men's Biathlon 12.5 kilometre - Sitting.
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Long-Distance Races Scheduled in Standing, Sitting & Visually Impaired Catgories

At the Laura, spectators will watch the Biathlon where women will tackle the 12.5 km and the men race a distance of 15-kilometer.

All the events will also be held in the following three categories – Standing, Sitting, and Visually Impaired.


The first Biathlon races of the day have now finished, where athletes competed for medals in the women’s 12.5km and men’s 15km in the sitting category. Gold medals in both events were won by Russian athletes.

In the men’s competition, once again nobody could equal Russia’s Roman Petushkov – a standout performer at these Games. After losing a second at the first shooting round to his countryman Grigory Murygin, Petushkov demonstrated perfect shooting and unprecedented speed in his final lap and moved ahead of his nearest opponent, Andrew Soule of the United States, by almost 2 minutes.

Soule unluckily fell after the fourth target, which ended his chance for a medal and he could only finished fourth in the final standings. Petushkov picked up speed and finished the race in 42 minutes and 20.8 seconds, earning him a fifth medal at the Paralympic Games.

The silver medal went to Grigory Murygin of Russia, who failed to close two targets, but who skied excellently and raced at a high speed. Murygin trailed the leader by 2 minutes and 4.9 seconds. The bronze medal was awarded to Alexander Davidovich, who finished 2 minutes and 25.4 seconds off gold.

In the women’s event, the leaders were in fact already decided after the first shooting round with the leading pack unchanged during the entire race. Clean shooting distinguished Svetlana Konovalova of Russia, Germany’s Anja Wicker and Olena Jurkovska of Ukraine. With lightning speed, Konovalova closed one target after another, which allowed her to finish victorious with a time of 40 minutes and 44 seconds. Silver medalist Anja Wicker completed the race 43.1 seconds later, with bronze medalist Olena Jurkovska trailing the leader by 46.8 seconds.

The women’s 12.5km biathlon took place today in the standing category.  Oleksandra Kononova of Ukraine won the gold medal with a time of 40:30.60, Alena Kaufman of Russia won silver with a time of 40:32.7 and Natalia Bratiuk won bronze with a time of 41:00.9.

Momoko Dekijima of Japan took the lead in the first lap, successfully shooting all five targets, giving her an advantage of 3 minutes. Both Oleksandra Kononova of Ukraine and Alena Kaufman of Russia were close behind the athlete. It was in the final lap that Dekijima slowed down allowing Kononova and Kaufman to overtake.


Grigory Vovchynskyi becomes biathlon 15km champion

Grigory Vovchynskyi has won gold in the men’s 15km standing biathlon.

All three medalists had perfect shots during the shooting, but Vovchynskyi proved faster in the race, finishing 3.1 seconds ahead of silver medalist Nils-Erik Ulset of Norway, with a time of 37:41.1

Ulset won his second silver of the Sochi Games with a time of with a  time of 37 minutes and 44.2 seconds – his previous   medal was in the 12.5km biathlon. The bronze medal went to Kirill Mikhaylov of Russia, who finished 4.5 seconds after Vovchynskyi.


Yulia Budaleeva and Nikolay Polukhin achieved outstanding victories in the longer biathlon distances of 12.5 and 15 km respectively.

Six athletes started in the women’s long distance. After the first half of the race, Russian athletes and Yulia Budaleeva and Mikhalina Lysova laid claim for the top honors. At the last shooting range, Lysova missed once and allowed Budaleeva to get ahead. As a result and with a time of 35 minutes and 25.9 seconds, Budaleeva won her first gold medal at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games, with three-time Paralympic champion Lysova claiming the silver 1 minute and 55.1 seconds behind. In third place was Ukrainian Oksana Shyshkova, who previously only has been able to win bronze.

In the men’s field, the gold was won by Nikolay Polukhin. He closed all targets with lightning speed in shooting and did not let his leading position slip anytime during the race. His final time was 36 minutes and 42.9 seconds. Ukrainian biathlete Anatoly Kovalevsky finished the race in second place. With one penalty, he covered the distance in 38 minutes and 18.2 seconds. Third place was shared by Ukrainian Vitaly Lukyanenko and Russian Stanislav Chokhlaev, who trailed Polukhin by 1 minute and 38.7 seconds.

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Middle-Distance Races Scheduled in Standing, Sitting & Visually Impaired Catgories

Day four of competitions in Sochi will see twelve Paralympic champions receive medals. 

During the biathlon event, athletes will take part in middle distance races. The winners will be decided in men’s 12.5km and women’s 10km. Each of the starts will be held in three categories: standing, sitting, and visually impaired.

The first biathlon starts of the day have ended at the Laura Cross-country Ski & Biathlon Center. During the competition, athletes competed for medals in the women’s 10 km race in the sitting category.

German athlete Anja Wicker won with a time of 32 minutes 54.4 sec. In addition to a great time, the athlete didn’t miss in the shooting and she hit all four lines of fire. The Silver medal went to Russia’s Svetlana Konovalova who finished with a time of 33 minutes 36.7 sec., incurring two penalties in shooting. The Bronze medal went to Ukrainian athlete, Lyudmyla Pavlenko, with a time of 34 minutes 22.6 sec. 

Russian Paralympic athletes today triumphed in the men’s 12.5 km biathlon in the sitting category. Roman Petushkov led the field and won his third gold at these Games. He was the dominant leader of the race, without a single miss at all four shooting ranges and finishing ahead of his compatriot Alexey Bychenok by an impressive 40 seconds (34 min and 48.8 sec.)

Alexey also cleanly closed all 20 targets and finished second with a time of 35 min and 59.6 sec. Russia completed the clean sweep of the podium with a bronze secured by Grigory Murygin in a time of 35 min and 59.6 sec. 


The 10km women’s biathlon in the standing category was won by Russian athlete, Alena Kaufman. Ukrainian Oleksandra Kononova took the Silver medal and Russian athlete, Natalia Bratiuk won Bronze.

The race was completed by Alena Kaufman in 29 minutes and 57.1 seconds. During the first shooting, the athlete had one penalty, but in the remaining shots she showed admirable precision. In the second half of the race, Kaufman picked up the pace and confidently finished with her second gold medal of the Paralympic Games in Sochi. The winner crossed the finish line 30 seconds ahead of the runners up.

The silver medal was won by Ukrainian athlete Oleksandra Kononova. She only missed one shot at the third shooting range, and finished the race 30 minutes and 33.7 seconds. Russian Natalia Bratiuk came third, but incurred one penalty during the final shooting, finishing 1 minute 0.5 seconds behind Oleksandra Kononova.


Russian biathlete, Azat Karachurin, has finished first in the 12.5 km men’s biathlon in the standing category. Norwegian athlete, Nils-Erik Ulset, came second, and Canadian Mark Arendz, came third.

 Azat Karachurin had three shots on target and took the lead over Arendz and Ulset. At the fourth shooting, Karachurin missed one target and incurred a penalty; however the Russian finished the course 54.6 seconds faster than his opponents which earned him his second Paralympic medal. The athlete also won bronze in the short distance with a time of 29 minutes and 30 seconds.

Nils-Erik Ulset of Norway missed twice on the last target in shooting and finished the race in 30 minutes and 24.6 seconds, winning the silver medal. The bronze medal went to Mark Arendz of Canada, who also won a silver medal in biathlon 7.5 km. He crossed the finish line 1 minute and 1 second after Karachurin.

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Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Begin With Contests For 12 Sets of Medals

On the first day of competition at the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, a total of 12 sets of medals will be awarded. Olympic champions and medalists will be determined in downhill skiing and short distance biathlon.

At the Laura Cross-country Ski and Biathlon Center, biathletes will compete for medals in women’s 6km and men’s 7.5 km. The biathletes competing are within a number of impairment categories – visually impaired and athletes with spinal cord injuries, who compete standing and sitting.


About Biathlon


Biathlon was introduced in Innsbruck in 1988 for athletes with a physical impairment, and in 1992, athletes with a visual impairment also became eligible to compete.

The event consists of a 7.5km route divided into three 2.5km stages. Between the two stages athletes must hit two targets located at a distance of 10m. Each miss is penalized by an increase in the overall route time. The most important success factor lies in the capability of alternating the skills of physical endurance and shooting accuracy during the competition. Athletes with blindness/visual impairment are assisted by acoustic signals, which depending on signal intensity indicate when the athlete is on target. The sport is governed by the IPC with coordination by the IPC Nordic Skiing Technical Committee following the modified rules of the International Biathlon Union (IBU).


Sports Equipment

Rifle: The rifle shall be any type of air or CO2 rifle of conventional appearance with a five shot clip and in accordance with specifications of the International Union of Shooting’s (U. I. T) rule. For Blind class the rifle will be equipped with electro-acoustic glasses (optronic system).

Blind athletes are shooting with an electronic rifle that allows aiming by hearing. The closer the rifle points to the center of the target the higher the tone is. The different tones that occur when the rifle is moved, allows the shooter to find the exact center of the target.

Sit-Ski: Some athletes with a physical disability compete from a sitting position using a sit-ski, also called a mono-ski. As the name suggests, mono-skis have a specially fitted chair over a single ski. The chair includes seat belts and other strapping, as well as a suspension device to minimize wear and tear on the skier’s body.

Ski: Made from fiberglass, classical skis are usually 25cm to 30cm taller than the height of a skier. They are light, weighing less than 0.45kg each; and narrow, with curved tips and a cambered midsection, which is thicker and arched. Free technique skis are about 10cm to 15cm shorter for greater maneuvering. They are also nominally stiffer and have tips that curve less than classical technique skis. The underside of both types of skis has a groove down the center to keep the ski straight when going downhill.

Target: Biathlon uses metal drop-down targets which consist of a white target face plate with five target apertures, behind which are five independently operating knock down, falling plate scoring targets. The scoring plates must be black. A hit must be indicated by the black target circle being replaced by a white indicator disc. The target size has a diameter of 30mm for visually impaired athletes (class B) and 20mm for athletes with a physical disability (class LW).



The Lillehammer 1994 Paralympic Winter Games marked several other milestones in the history of Paralympic Nordic Skiing. Biathlon was introduced as a medal event for men and women, and for the first time Nordic skiers competed at the same venue used for the Olympic Winter Games.

More information

The first biathlon starts in women’s 6km sitting and men’s 7.5km at the Laura Cross-Country Ski and Biathlon Center have finished.

In the women’s competition, Andrea Eskau of Germany won gold with a time of 19:12.4, Svetlana Konovalova of Russia won the silver medal with a time of 19:31.1 and Olena Iurkovska of Ukraine won bronze with a time of 19:39.6.

Roman Petushkov won Russia’s first Paralympic gold, perfectly shooting a distance of 7.5 km and finishing with a score of 21:03.7. Ukrainian athlete, Maxim Yarovov was eight seconds behind the Gold medalist. Japanese athlete, Kozo Kubo and closed the top three with a score of 21:45.6.

Two more sets of medals were won this afternoon in the Paralympic Biathlon competition held at Laura. In the Men’s 7.5 km short distance, Russian athlete Vladislav Lekomotsev won gold with silver going to Canadian Mark Arendz. The bronze medal was won by Russian Azat Karachurin.

Lekometsev completed the race with one penalty and finished in 19 minutes and 13.7 seconds – only 0.7 seconds ahead of the Canadian athlete. Arendz also missed once, but lost out to Lekometsev for speed. Bronze winner Karachurin finished 1.2 seconds behind the leader.

In the Women’s 6 km, gold and silver were won by Russian athletes Alena Kaufman and Anna Milenina respectively, with bronze going to the Ukrainian Yulia Batenkova.

Kaufman closed both targets cleanly with a final time of 18 minutes and 27.2 seconds. Due to two misses, Milenina lost a total of 30.2 seconds. Julia Batenkova had one penalty and finished 50.5 seconds behind the leader.

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