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AbledResponders story banner shows the 'FAST' method for assessing a stroke-F= Face dropping, A= Arm weakness, S= Speech Difficulty, T= Time to call 911 or 112 in EU. The headline reads 'Stroke: Ulstra-rapid treatment reduces odds of post-stroke disability.


16 million suffer stroke each year world-wide | 5.7 million die | 5 million permanently disabled

It becomes rather obvious that stroke is a global epidemic when you browse the following statistics from various Heart and Stroke organizations about on the number of first-time strokes suffered each year:


Asia-Pacific:  5.1 million | United States: 795,000 | European Union: 570,000 | U.K.: 150,000 | Canada: 10,000


It is the second cause of death, globally, after ischemic heart disease. Ischemic means something is blocking blood flow.

The sad reality is that about 50% of stroke survivors are left with a degree of physical and cognitive impairment. The results of a new study published in the journal Stroke conclude what might seem quite obvious – that administering the clot-busting medication Alteplase within 90 minutes of recognizing the first symptoms of a stroke is more effective at preventing or reducing post-stroke treatment disability than following the current guidelines of administering it within 4.5 hours of symptom onset, or what’s called, in medical jargon, ‘onset to needle’.

The study found that the people most likely to benefit from the ultra-rapid response are those with ‘mild to moderate’ strokes. That stresses the importance of recognizing even mild symptoms – given the blunt equation that  ‘Time = Brain’ and is the reason medical professions call stroke a ‘brain attack’ – because of how quickly brain cells die after onset.

If you suspect that you or someone around you is suffering a stroke, based on the F-A-S-T protocol listed below from the American Stroke Association, call your local 3-digit Emergency Dispatch number right away!


Abledresponders-graphic insert shows the American Stroke Association and American Heart Association 'FAST' method for assessing a stroke-F= Face dropping, A= Arm weakness, S= Speech Difficulty, T= Time to call 911 or 112 in EU.


AbledResponders graphic insert lists 3-digit dialing codes for Emergency response in countries around the world.


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