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“It felt like there was a hundred needles just going in one spot.”

That’s how one of five children described excruciating pain that seemed to come out of nowhere. The girls, aged 7 to 11, had been smashing limes with rocks and adding them to soda water as part of a backyard pool-side lemonade stand. Innocent enough.

But the next day, the girls – Bailey, Candy, Jazmyn, Jewels and Reyghan- broke out in blistering burns all over their bodies and faces that were so painful their parents rushed them to Emergency at the local hospital in Fresno, California.

The diagnosis? Phytophotodermatitis, skin irritation caused by a reaction between photosynthesizing chemicals found in citrus fruits and ultraviolet light from the sun. The burns can be seen on the girls’ arms and legs, sometimes in patterns of splashes and drips, and on their faces because they dared each other to drink the lime/soda concoction.

Here’s a report from ABCNews on the case:


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