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Photo montage of the Oso Mudslide Victims

Hope In The Early Days Of The Rescue Effort Fades To Grief


The breaking news reports of a massive mudslide in the Steelhead Drive neighborhood between Oso and Darrington, Washington on the morning of Saturday, March 22nd had many people frantically dialing landline and mobile phones to check on family and friends in the area with an anxious combination of hope and fear.


For many, the hope was rewarded with the relief and joy that the person or persons they were checking on was/were safe . For others, the phones just kept ringing, forwarding to voicemails or lines that were dead and texts went unanswered.  Then, like the family members of passengers aboard Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370, they were left in a surreal limbo of not knowing – again hoping for the best while trying to avoid fearing the worst.


It’s a community where people grieve as much for their neighbors’ losses as they do their own.


It’s a tightrope walk of emotions that’s also difficult for the first responders, who’ve been working around the clock in extremely dangerous conditions, because some of them have lost relatives and everyone has lost friends.


But the more time that passes since the catastrophe, the more those left behind are facing the reality of knowing their loved ones didn’t make it, and their thoughts shift from hoping they survived to hoping they didn’t suffer. That’s what the family of high school sweethearts Steve and Theresa Harris hope for, as reported by Kiro7 News:

4 Family Members Lost And A Wedding That WIll Never Be

AbledFamily photo shows two pictures - on the left, Thom and Marcy Setterly at a dance together, and on the right Delaney Webb and her fiancé, Alan Bejvi, standing on a trail in the woods.

The first hint that something was wrong came via a Facebook message from a friend in her home town. Nichole Webb Rivera, who grew up in Darrington, Washington but is now a resident of Texas, was in the middle of teaching a class in Houston, but she only glanced at the message and it didn’t quite register.


After checking the message more closely after class, she did what so many other relatives and friends did after hearing the news of the mudslide . . . Nichole started calling and calling.  She called her parents, her daughter and her future son-in-law, and like so many others, a growing sense of dread and shock started to wash over her as she learned they were part of the missing.


Nichole’s daughter Delaney had traveled with her fiancé, Alan Bejvi, from their apartment in Everett, Washington to visit her grandparents, Thom and Marcy Satterly, to talk about their summer wedding plans. Nichole’s parents, who had been married for 41 years, had lived in the area for over 30 years and had just moved into their house on Steelhead Drive in 2012.


In an interview with the UK’s MailOnline, Nichole, a mother-of-five, said: ‘I stayed up all night listening to a police scanner online. My ex-husband and two sons drove up to Oso when they first heard but were turned back by rescuers.


‘By Sunday morning, I knew that I had to be there. I’m the eldest child and Delaney is my oldest daughter, so I bought a one-way ticket.’ Although Mrs Rivera said that she always holds on to hope, the reality she believes is that her family is gone.’


And in the following interview with Fox News Channel, Nichole exhibits the same grace, selflessness, and stoicism that many in her home town have also shown, as life lessons for all of us,  as they come together to mourn and help each other through a horrendous tragedy. They are the kind of values that often come from growing up in a small town, and they are the reasons that Nichole is also raising money to help others in the community to cover the costs of burying their dead.

Remembering The Lost Victims Of The Oso Mudslide

This is a list of some of the victims of the Oso Mudslide compiled from The Seattle Times, King 5 and The Everett Herald and will be updated as more information is released.


Confirmed Fatalities

In alphabetical order

Shelley Bellomo 55 | Jerry Logan 63

Courtesy Bellomo family


Shelley Bellomo “loved living by that river,” where she would watch bald eagles fly by, said her father, Pete Bellomo. Neighbor Ruth Hargrave said that whenever Bellomo saw her, she “would give you a big hug and say, ‘I love you so much.’ Everyone loved her.”

Bellomo lived with her longtime partner, Jerry Logan. Whether it was feeding homeless cats or helping a neighbor install a new hot-water tank, Logan was always ready to lend a hand, friends and a relative said.

He was known throughout the area as a skilled handyman. Neighbors said he had a Saturday morning habit of going to the store to buy a cup of coffee, two packs of cigarettes and three DVDs, and then he’d be set for the weekend.

Alan Bejvl 21  |  Delaney Webb 19

Photo of Alan Bejvi and Delaney Webb standing on a forest trail together. He is very tall wearing a camouflage cap with a blue hoodie under a beige jacket while she is wearing a matching hoodie and has mahogany brown hair. They are both smiling.









Alan Bejvl and his fiancée Delaney Webb were staying with her grandparents, Thom and Marcy Satterlee, on Saturday and planning their August wedding at the Satterlees’ property.

Bejvl grew up on his parents’ farm, where they raised trout, not far from the mudslide area.

Perpetually happy, according to family members and friends, he worked at Reece Trucking & Excavating in Tulalip. “You couldn’t ask for a better employee. He was always trying to better himself,” said his boss, Andy Reece.

Delaney Webb was with Alan Bejvl, her fiance, visiting her grandparents, Marcy and Thomas Satterlee. Webb first met Bejvl at Darrington High School, where she was a cheerleader. She was studying business at Everett Community College in hopes of opening her dog-breeding and training company. The couple dreamed of owning their own 10 acres, with a log cabin and horses in the Darrington area, and starting a family in a few years.

Tom Durnell 65



Tom Durnell was retired. His wife, Debbie Durnell, was at work Saturday when the slide hit, said her daughter, Pam Keller. He was known for making and selling wood furniture, said Debby Rule, a former Steelhead Drive neighbor. “Anything made of wood, he could do,” she said. “He would get orders from people and he made his own furniture.”

Durnell grew up in Eugene, Ore., and worked as a stage manager and carpenter for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, and for Intiman Theatre in Seattle, before working as a carpenter in Snohomish, according to the Eugene Register-Guard. He retired shortly after his wedding to Debbie in 2010, said a friend, Carrie Milburn.

Julia A. Farnes 59 | Son Adam Farnes Both Recovered & Identified

 Split-screen Photo shows Julia Farnes on the right wearing a floral blouse. She has white hair, is wearing glasses and is smiling. Her son Adam is on the left of the photo. He has brown hair, some beard growth on his chin, is wearing glasses and is smiling.








She and her husband, Jerry Farnes, who was away when the slide hit, had retired and moved from Alaska to Steelhead Drive about a year ago, according to the Anchorage Daily News. Adam Farnes died of his injuries March 22 at Harborview Medical Center.  More about Julie

Bonnie Gullikson 91

Photo of Bonnie Gullikson. She has white hair and is wearing glasses with white collared red cardigan and has her right hand on her chin while smiling at the camera.







Bonnie Gullikson, 91, was missing after Saturday’s landslide. Her husband, 81-year-old Larry Gullikson, was pulled from the rubble and taken to the hospital where he remains in the intensive care unit. Gullikson’s family is focusing their energy on finding her and said they appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

Denver Harris 14


Denver Harris was home alone on Steelhead Drive on Saturday morning, said his great-uncle Wes Wicken. Denver loved snowboarding and having imaginary sword fights and “He could get up in a class or room and get everyone laughing,” Wicken said.

On Facebook pages, friends and family members shared stories of how Denver enjoyed going on long hikes in the mountains and once gave his mother his shirt to wear for the two miles back to the car after she fell in the water. A relative wrote that she has a box of Pop-Tarts waiting for him.

Steve Harris 52 and Theresa Harris 53


Steve and Theresa Harris were south Texans who came to Washington in 1998 for his job as a naval architect at Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) in Seattle. Theresa was a retired nurse, according to her brother, Mark Christoph. The couple had two adult daughters, Laura and Kristina.

During the week the couple stayed at an Edmonds condo and on weekends headed for their cabin near the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River, where they liked to fish, walk and relax and intended to retire. Theresa was a free spirit and “hippie environmentalist,” her brother said.

The couple’s travels included Singapore, Dubai, the Galápagos Islands and other faraway places Steve’s job took him to. A licensed engineer, he helped design ferries for four states, including Washington, said Christina Villiott, EBDG marketing director. “He was there for our customers,” Villiott said.

Sanoah Huestis 4 months

Family photo

Sanoah Huestis enchanted people. With her constant smiles, “She could just light up a room,” said her mother, Natasha Huestis. “We wouldn’t be able to walk down a grocery-store aisle without someone saying how beautiful she was.” Sanoah, who was killed along with her grandmother, Christina Jefferds, had many family members living nearby. “Everybody in the family was so excited to have her be part of their lives,” Huestis said. “Everybody wanted to show her so many things as she grew up.” Sanoah was “a little girl who captured your heart,” said Peter Jefferds, father of Sanoah’s grandfather, Seth Jefferds.

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Christina Jefferds 45

Christina Jefferds was among the kindest of souls. “Everyone can remember how sweet and kind and generous and gentle she was,” said her daughter, Natasha Huestis. “She wanted everyone to love each other and to be happy.” Jefferds, a wife, mother, grandmother and dental-office manager, was also a strong woman who raised her daughter for many years as a single mother, Huestis said. She loved gardening and even delighted in picking up garter snakes, Huestis said. And she had an adventurous side, having taken a trapeze class and gone sky diving with her husband, Seth Jefferds. “I have a lot to learn from her,” said Huestis, who also lost her 4-month-old daughter, Sanoah, who was at home with Jefferds when the slide hit.

Seth and Natasha were devastated by the loss and are trying to pick up their lives and start over, but they said they will miss Christina for the rest of their lives.


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Amanda Lennick 31

Lennick family

Amanda Lennick, a nurse at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, had just moved into her new home. She didn’t have hot water yet — the tank was broken — and wanted television reception in the remote area. She scheduled three workers to do work at her home that Saturday morning — an electrician, a technician from DISH Network and a plumber. Those workers were Bill Welsh, Steve Hadaway and Stephen Neal.

Lennick texted friends about 9:30 a.m. to say the workers had started to arrive. “She was super excited. She was 50 yards from the river. She talked about taking walks and enjoying nature,” said friend Manda Greenwood.

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Linda McPherson 69

The Herald

When Linda McPherson helped Sno-Isle Libraries design a new branch library for Darrington, she insisted on a big window with a view of Whitehorse Mountain. McPherson grew up on an Oso dairy farm whose pastures stretched down to the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River. She earned a degree from the University of Washington in oceanography and worked as an oceanographer for 10 years, but when it was time to start a family, she and husband Gary “Mac” McPherson, returned to Darrington and bought land from her parents where they built a house. The two were in the living room when the slide hit. Battered, he survived.

After living in the same mountain community all her life, McPherson likely wouldn’t have moved away, even if the danger of a slide were fully known, her daughter said. “She loved the land. That was her home. She was never going to leave.”

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Joseph R. Miller 47


Joe Miller lived for many years with his dad, Reed Miller, on Steelhead Drive, where they fished together for steelhead trout in the Stillaguamish River.

Joe was a photographer who sold nature pictures at local fairs, and he worked at several other jobs, his family said. “He was a nature person. If he saw some paper on the ground, he picked it up,” said his mother, Maralee Hall of Everett. “He was a very gentle, caring person. He mountain biked.”

He was planning to move out soon, into an apartment in Darrington. Reed Miller was buying groceries Saturday morning, in Arlington, and thinks Joe was probably drinking coffee when mud buried the house.

Larry Miller 58 and Sandy Miller 64 

Photo of Larry and Sandy Miller. She has lightish blonde/white hair while he has sandy brown salt & pepper hair with a moustache and sunglasses. Both are dressed in light winter jackets and both are smiling at the camera.









Larry, 58, and Sandy Miller, 64, lived in Everett but were in Oso working on their retirement home near the C Post Road Bridge when the landslide hit. Members of Northshore Christian Church, the couple were dedicated to the Marriage Ministry at the church.


Stephen Neal 55

Photo of Stephen Neal







Stephen Neal owned a plumbing business for about 30 years, said son Ryan Neal.

The senior Neal sometimes worked as an independent contractor for Whitley Evergreen and was to do plumbing work last Saturday at Amanda Lennick’s house. He was a friend of Bill Welsh’s, who also was scheduled to work at Lennick’s house. Ryan Neal described his father as always concerned about others. “He was definitely out to help people.”

His daughter Caroline was holding out hope that her father would somehow be found safe ground, but on Thursday, she learned he did not survive.


Ron deQuilettes 52


Ron deQuilettes, an electrician from Bothell, was meeting a couple at their house in the slide area, his wife of 31 years told KPLU radio.

Summer Raffo 36


Summer Raffo, of Darrington, got married two years ago. She worked as a custodian at Darrington High School and as a farrier on the side. Last Saturday, she was driving on Highway 530, headed to a horseshoeing appointment. She was fifth in a line of 13 children, who were hard to miss in a small logging town, said husband Joel Sundstrom.

Brother Dayn Brunner said she was the type of person everybody in Darrington knew. She checked her phone and talked on it religiously to keep up with a wide circle of friends and family. She was on the phone with her mother just before heading out Saturday morning.

John (Recovered & Identified) and Molly (Kris) Regelbrugge (Missing)


Married 17 years, John and Kris Regelbrugge were an affectionate couple, who adored each other and hosted countless bonfires for the neighborhood, said Debby Rule, a former neighbor. The couple had three sons and two daughters. The couple’s third son, who lived with them, had left for work at a lumber mill just before the slide.

John was a 32-year-Navy veteran. He was the officer in charge of the Everett detachment of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & and Intermediate Maintenance Facility. Kris was a stay-at-home mom, Rule said. Kris Regelbrugge “had a great heart, a wide-eyed innocence. She was a lot of fun and a wonderful mother,” said John’s brother, Joe, who along with siblings Greg and Danny, and their nephews, searched for the bodies of John and Kris. “They were just great people,” Joe said. “When you walked into their home, you knew you were welcome.”

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Ruthven/Vandenburg Family



Shane and Katie Ruthven, who have both been confirmed dead, had just landed some new contracts and their small business, Mountain Lion Glass, was expanding. Shane Ruthven, 43, wanted his mother and stepfather, JuDee and Lou Vandenburg, to be close to their grandkids and moved them from Spokane to the place next door. Shane and Katie’s 6 year-old son Hunter has also been confirmed dead.

Lou Vandenburg, 71, also has been confirmed dead, according to family. Katie Ruthven, sons Hunter, 6, and Wyatt, 4, and Shane’s mother are missing, said Katie’s father, retired Snohomish County sheriff’s Sgt. Thomas Pszonka. Lou Vandenburg, who had served in the Marines, worked for the state before retiring. JuDee Vandenburg, 64, had operated a bar in Spokane.

The Ruthvens had “found their dream home” along the river, “a little A-frame they rebuilt from scratch,” Pszonka said. “They had 150 feet of water frontage. It was a beautiful spot where no one bothered you.”

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Thomas Satterlee 65 Recovered & Identified and Marcy Satterlee 61 Still Missing


Thom and Marcy Satterlee bought their home on Steelhead Drive in 2012. Thom grew up in Seattle and joined the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, during which he suffered a disabling injury, said Debbie Satterlee. He was a leader of the Freedom County movement that sought to secede from Snohomish County in the late 1990s. A 1998 state Supreme Court ruling denied the claim.He was happiest, Debbie Satterlee said, making Marcy happy.

Marcy loved living near the river and was a passionate gardener who doted on her dahlias, and she was excited her 60-foot by 60-foot vegetable garden had just been rototilled, said sister-in-law Debbie Satterlee. “She was ready to can and sauce the summer away.”

Lon E. Slauson 60

Slauson was a security guard at the Medallion Hotel in Arlington. He was planning to sell his Steelhead Drive home and move to Montana. He owned several properties in the neighborhood, purchased by his parents more than 30 years ago.

Spillers Family



A native of New Albany, Penn., Billy Spillers enlisted in the Navy in 2002 and served aboard two ships, the USS Stout and the USS Momsen. Last November, he transferred to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard’s Everett location. A chief petty officer, Spillers, 30, worked as a career counselor.

Last Saturday morning, he was home with the kids, watching TV. Mom, Jonielle Spillers, who works as a nursing assistant, was out. Now, Billy Spillers is missing, as is daughter Brooke, 2.  Kaylee, 5, and stepson Jovon Mangual,13, have now been confirmed dead. Another child, Jacob, 4, was rescued by helicopter.

Jovon’s father, Army Staff Sgt. Jose Mangual, described his son as a very happy seventh-grader with a love for playing sports, while Kaylee and Brooke tended toward dolls and drawing. Mangual arrived from Colorado last Monday to search for Jovon. “I’m not leaving until I find him,” Mangual said.

Brandy Ward 58


Brandy Ward was a retired nurse who “had two grandkids she just adored” and five dogs, all pointers, said Debby Rule, a former neighbor who moved to Black Diamond in July.

Ward was “an outdoorsy woman” who sewed and knitted, canned vegetables from her garden and made jellies that she’d give to neighbors, Rule said.

Bonny leaves behind her husband, Tim Ward, the Oso Fire Commissioner who survived the slide and was taken to Harborview Medical Center with a broken pelvis.

William Welsh 66



William Welsh, of Arlington, celebrated every Fourth of July with his extended family, attending the Sedro-Woolley parade followed by a big picnic.

An avid bowler, Welsh was head electrician for Whitley Evergreen, a Marysville manufacturer of modular commercial buildings, where he worked for 25 years. Last Saturday, Welsh was going to Amanda Lennick’s house on East Steelhead Drive to install a hot-water heater.

He and his wife of 43 years, Barbara, had two sons and two grandsons. He was an Army veteran of the Vietnam War.

Confirmed Missing

In alphabetical order

Steve Hadaway 53

Hadaway family

Steve Hadaway had worked at DISH Network for less than a year, said his daughter, Brandy. His brother, John Hadaway, said Steve attended school to earn a degree while working full time as a manager at Diebold. “Whatever he did, he was dedicated to it,” his brother said. He was to be at Amanda Lennick’s house to hook up TV service.

On Tuesday, his brother Frank was knocked unconscious by flying debris while looking for him.



John (Recovered & Identified) and Molly (Kris) Regelbrugge (Missing)


Married 17 years, John and Kris Regelbrugge were an affectionate couple, who adored each other and hosted countless bonfires for the neighborhood, said Debby Rule, a former neighbor. The couple had three sons and two daughters. The couple’s third son, who lived with them, had left for work at a lumber mill just before the slide.

John was a 32-year-Navy veteran. He was the officer in charge of the Everett detachment of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & and Intermediate Maintenance Facility. Kris was a stay-at-home mom, Rule said. Kris Regelbrugge “had a great heart, a wide-eyed innocence. She was a lot of fun and a wonderful mother,” said John’s brother, Joe, who along with siblings Greg and Danny, and their nephews, searched for the bodies of John and Kris. “They were just great people,” Joe said. “When you walked into their home, you knew you were welcome.”

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Official List of Fatalities banner.

Medical Examiner updates list of victims of State Route 530 landslide




Victims’ families have been notified in person before this list was made public. Through the medical examiner’s office, a chaplain and sheriff’s deputy are providing resources for families in their time of need. 

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office has received a total of 41 victims from the State Route 530 slide and has positively identified all 41. We are working closely with the families and extend our most heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends during this difficult time. 


#41. Teresa C. Harris, 53, from Edmonds, WA


#40Stephen D. Harris, 52, from Edmonds, WA


#39Wyatt M. Ruthven, 4, from Arlington, WA


#38Sandra K. Miller, 64, from Everett, WA


#37Ronald P. deQuilettes, 52, from Bothell, WA


#36Denver M. Harris, 14, from Arlington, WA


#35Mark J. Gustafson, 55, from Arlington, WA


#34Bonnie J. Gulikson, 91, from Arlington, WA


#33Michael W. Pearson, 74, from Darrington, WA


#32Larry J. Miller, 58, from Everett, WA


#31Brooke Spillers, 2, from Arlington, WA


#30Billy L. Spillers, 30, from Arlington, WA


#29Mary M. Satterlee, 61, from Arlington, WA


#28. Jerry L. Halstead, 75, from Arlington, WA 


#27. Gloria J. Halstead, 67, from Arlington, WA  


#26. Jovon E. Mangual, 13, from Arlington, WA


#25. Katie F. Ruthven, 34, from Arlington, WA


#24. Delaney M. Webb, 19, from Arlington, WA


#23. Thomas P. Durnell, 65, from Arlington, WA 


#22Adam Farnes, 23, from Arlington, WA


#21Lon E. Slauson, 60, from Arlington, WA 


#20Thom E. Satterlee, 65, from Arlington, WA


#19Brandy L. Ward, 58, from Arlington, WA


#18Gerald E. Logan, 63, from Arlington, WA


#17. Sonoah Heustis, 4 months, from Arlington, WA 


#16. Judee S. Vandenburg, 64, from Arlington, WA 


#15. Amanda B. Lennick, 31, from Arlington, WA


#14. Shelley L. Bellomo, 55, from Arlington, WA


#13. Hunter Ruthven, 6, from Arlington, WA


#12. Julie A. Farnes, 59, from Arlington, WA 


#11. Alan M. Bejvl, 21, from Arlington, WA


#10. Leon J. Regelbrugge III, 49, from Arlington, WA


#9. Joseph R. Miller, 47, from Arlington, WA


#8. Summer R. Raffo, 36, from Arlington, WA


#7. Lewis F. Vandenburg, 71, from Arlington, WA


#6. Shane M. Ruthven, 41, from Arlington, WA


#5. William E. Welsh, 66, from Arlington, WA


#4. Kaylee B. Spillers, 5, from Arlington, WA


#3. Linda L. McPherson, 69, from Arlington, WA


#2. Stephen A. Neal, 55, from Darrington, WA


#1. Christina A. Jefferds, 45, from Arlington, WA

Official List of the Missing banner.

On April 21st, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit released a list of people presumed missing in the Oso landslide. The Sheriff’s Office says detectives have carefully reviewed each of these cases based on available information and conversations with family members. The Sheriff’s Office asks that anyone who should not be on the following list call the Sheriff’s Office tip line immediately at (425) 388-3845.


1. Hadaway, Steven N., 53, Steelhead Dr., Arlington


2. Regelbrugge, Molly K., 44, Steelhead Dr., Arlington



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