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The Words ‘Oso Strong’ Have Become A Rallying Cry For A Devastated Community


While fingers point and tongues wag searching for blame for ignored warnings and reports about the potential danger for mudslides in the area between Oso and Darrington, Washington, the people who live in the surrounding communities, and especially the ones who live in the vicinity of the Steelhead neighborhood that was wiped-out on March 22nd,  know that only one thing matters right now . . . and that’s supporting the search and recovery crews as well as the families and friends who’ve suffered the loss of loved ones and their homes.

In fact, the outpouring of community support for the professional recovery crews, as well as for the volunteers, has been overwhelming and a reflection of the character and values that grow deep roots in the region.

KOMO4 Seattle’s Mitch Pittman reports that one of the most pronounced displays of support comes in the form of the American flags lining the road that the search and recovery crews have to drive every day to get to the site of this horrific disaster:

Community Support Ranges from Candlelight Vigils To Preparing Meals


After the shock of the disaster spread through the affected and surrounding communities, people do what they do best in these small towns, they get busy.

First order of business was pulling together food, supplies and shelter for those who survived or were displaced by the mudslide. At the same time, people went around buying gas cards to donate to people who faced a longer commute to work because of SR 530 being cut-off.

Others bought gift cards for grocery stores , while many pulled together groups of people to prepare meals for the first responders and the search and rescue crews. And age was no factor. KING5’s Elisa Hahn talked with some young volunteers made up mostly of high school students from nearby Darrington about how they were coping with the disaster and discovered their solution involved making sandwiches . . .  over 1,300 of them for the emergency crews.

Banner for Oso Mudslide Crisis Care Hotline: 1-800-584-3578.
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President Obama Visits Oso

U.S. President Barack Obama visited the site of the Oso landslide on Tuesday, April 22, the one month anniversary of the slide and surveyed the devastation by helicopter. He then met privately with families of the victims, and then traveled to the Oso firehouse to meet with first responders and everyone involved in the recovery. Here is a video of his full marks from King5 News.

Natasha Huestis Lost Her Baby & Mother

So many families have suffered such heartbreaking loss in the Oso mudslide. Eric Johnson of KOMO4 News tells us about the loss suffered by Natasha Huestis and how she typifies the spirit of ‘Oso Strong’ while dealing with the tragedy.

Snohomish County Releases Mudslide 911 Calls 

People in the community and traveling through the Steelhead Neighborhood section of State Route 530 immediately call 911 to report the scene of devastation they are coming upon.

Darrington Community Raises Funds For Loggers

KIRO 7’s Maria Guerrero that about 75 loggers from the Darrington area have come in on their own time to heklp with the search and rescue by clearing the way, but their equipment is taking a beating and it’s expensive. So the community is trying to help:

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