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AbledCauses Post Banner shows the logo for Walking with the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge 2013 which shows an illustration of a wounded vet with a prosthetic leg cross-country skiing towing a baggage sled and wearing a backpack. Other Ullustrains show the Team UK banner with a dark gradient blue over a Union Jack flag Team US with an American flag and Team Commonwealth with the Canadian Maple Leaf flag and the Union Jack. The headline reads Walking with the WOunded: Prince Harry on Polar Tek Supporting Ex-Service Members.

UPDATE: Prince Harry And Trek Teams Reach The South Pole


The UK charity organization Walking With The Wounded has announced that the members of their South Pole Challenge 2013, including Prince Harry, reached the South Pole, Friday, December 13 at 13:25 GMT (8:25 a.m. EST).


The Prince, who has served in Afghanistan as an Army Apache helicopter pilot, previously spent a number of days trekking with wounded servicemen on a similar expedition to the North Pole in 2011. He is the first ‘royal’ to reach the South Pole.


Here’s how CNN covered the milestone:



Previous Coverage:


Prince Harry’s Antarctic Race Is Canceled, But Trek Will Go On


Prince Harry’s expedition to the South Pole to benefit wounded armed forces personnel via the organization Walking With The Wounded, will continue as planned, but instead of it being a race, the teams will work together as one unit to finish the challenging trek that got off to a foreboding start. 


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The race began two days behind schedule due to bad weather, which caused the teams to delay their flight from South Africa. 


Ed Parker, an organizer of the trek says. “Over the last couple of days I felt a little uncomfortable with some of the stress placed on team members as a result of very harsh terrain conditions that we are encountering. We have had a tricky couple of days. The weather remains good but the terrain is very difficult, far harder than we were anticipating and because of various factors, I have decided to suspend the race. The reasons for this are entirely safety based. I am looking at the three teams. They are going really well but people are beginning to get very, very tired. With our doctor here, who I am in constant contact with, we just feel we are beginning to push people a little too hard, so I have suspended the race.”


So, the trek will continue, but it’s no longer a race to the finish line.


Photo shows Prince Harry wearing a red parka with a black sweater and toque with sunglasses having a laugh with other members of the Walking with the Wounded on a sunny day in Antarctica.


Three teams have been competing against one another to be the first to cover the 200 mile route, through some of the harshest terrain in the world with extreme temperatures that have plunged to minus 30 degrees.


Photo shows members of the Walking WIth The Wounded at the South Pole trekking in harsh conditions with the wind whipping up the snow around them.


Harry’s team will now work with the other teams, one led by actor Dominic West (“The Wire”) and “True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgard. All teams are hoping to be standing on the South Pole by Dec. 16.



Photo shows official portrait of Prince Harry and his Royal Insignia of a stylized scripted letter H under a crown and the letterhead of ST. Jamess Palace.


Walking With The Wounded continues to champion our extraordinary wounded service personnel and highlight their determination and courage to face future challenges following injury on the battlefield, whether physical or cognitive. Their inspirational expeditions have already impacted so many and I hope they will continue to impact many more.


I am delighted to be Patron of the Allied South Pole Challenge, their latest ambitious project. Not only will this involve wounded personnel from the United Kingdom, but there will be a team from the United States and a team from the Commonwealth. This means the awareness created will be global, and will not only show the tenacity of these young men and women, but also the strong links between our Allies, off the battlefield as well as on.


The Allied Challenge in 2013 promises to be a quite remarkable endeavour. I urge everyone to get behind the expedition and ‘Support the Walk’.


Prince Harrys signature


Banner reads: A United Global Endeavour


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