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Banner reads: Residents Impacted By Slide Must Register For Federal Aid at 1 800 621 FEMA (3362)

An Outpouring Of Support For A Community Reeling From Unspeakable Disaster


The crushed rooftop in our headline banner belongs to Mac McPherson. The house that the 78 year-old and his wife Linda lived in was directly in the path of the equivalent of 547 football fields filled 6 feet deep with mud and debris slamming down at over 100 miles per hour in a matter of seconds.


You might call Matt one of the lucky ones. On the one hand he survived. But on the other hand he, like so many in this small community in and around Oso and Darrington, Washington has suffered heartbreaking loss.


He and his wife Linda were sitting in their living room reading the newspaper on the morning of Saturday, March 22nd. In an instant, everything was lost . . . including his beloved Linda.

Mac McPherson is in the same position as some other survivors – he has not only lost a loved one, he has also lost his home and belongings. Snohomish County officials have been working on temporary housing plans and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has asked U.S. President Barack Obama to declare the mudslide a “major disaster” which will allow federal aid to go the individual survivors who also lost their homes.


As part of the Governor’s application, the economic toll of this disaster is starting to emerge. The mudslide destroyed 25 primary homes valued at an average $156,000 each and rendered 5 others uninhabitable. In addition, 12 secondary homes were damaged, as well as 2 outbuildings. The Governor estimated direct losses at almost $10 million, which includes $3.4 million for lost personal property.

The Need For Funeral Funding And Gas Cards


Community volunteers have pitched in to help with immediate needs like food and clothing and various groups and businesses have been donating money, gift cars and lending moral support.


The most immediate needs are covering costs for funerals and gasoline cards for those faced with a daunting detoured commute to work because of the blockage of SR 530.


KING 5’s Jesse Jones takes a look at how the donated money gets allocated and where to donate if you’d like to contribute towards funeral and gas expenses:

Where To Give Or Get Help WIth Funeral & Gas Expenses


Funeral Fund Donations

Immaculate Conception Church
1200 E. 5th St.
PO Box 69
Arlington, WA 98223
Memo:  Funeral Fund 

Funeral services

Each of the following funeral homes is offering assistance. Contact the funeral home directly for additional information

Washington Funeral Service & A El Cielo Funeral
Burial & Shipping of Remains
Cindy Figueroa
Curnow Funeral Home
Cremation Services
Brian Curnow or Karlene Gaussoin
Evergreen Washelli
Cemetery Property 
Sandi Colleton or Brenda Spicer

People in need of a gas cards

Call 425-583-9912
An in-take person will take your information and get the process started.
After you’re approved, cards will be passed out at Middle School Common, 1075 Fir Street in Darrington. 

Other Ways To Donate And Help

Here is a list of ways to contribute to the disaster relief or to seek help if you live in the area and have been affected by the slide. A number of organizations have been responding, and people have been starting crowdfunding campaigns on social media. Some people have even commented that it’s better to directly contribute to bank funds that have been set up to deliver 100% of the funds to the people in need, as opposed to the Red Cross, which one person claimed was only providing a maximum of $600 per family.


County officials are asking people to call 425-388-5088 to report anyone who has been found or is still lost. They ask that people call even if they have reported the information elsewhere and ask that they then send photos of missing friends or family to If you are directly affected by the landslide, you can also register or search for others on the Red Cross website, in addition to calling the Snohomish County official number.


Local officials are asking people to refrain from trying to help on the scene, as it remains active and dangerous. The Red Cross is accepting monetary donations but asks that people not bring donations of items to shelters. You can donate by texting “RedCross” to “90999” or calling 1-800-REDCROSS, or donate online at the Northwest Response page.


Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has launched a mudslide relief campaign which allows you to donate to one of three organizations helping with the relief effort.


The Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation has also established a fund for landslide victims. Click  here to make a donation and 100% of the funds raised will go to local families and individuals affected by the mudslide.


Shelters are open at Post Middle School in Arlington and at the Darrington Community Center. Anyone seeking information about reunification, evacuation and shelters should also call 425-388-5088 and check the FAQs on the Snohomish County website.


A landslide information and relief effort Facebook page has also been set up with information on relief efforts and how residents can find resources.


Monetary donations have also pouring from companies and organizations from around the region following the landslide in Oso.


Wednesday, Boeing announced that $100,000 from its employees and the company would go to Cascade Valley Hospital, United Way of Snohomish County and the Snohomish County chapter of the American Red Cross.


The Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound also said that it would match individual donations up to an additional $25,000.


Arlington Mayor Barb Tolbert said two local tribes had also donated. The Stilaguamish Tribe gave $100,000 and Tulalip Tribes made two donations totaling $150,000. They gave $100,000 to Red Cross of Snohomish County and $50,000 to the local fund at Union Bank.


Grocery chains Fred Meyer and QFC said 100 stores would be collecting cash for the Red Cross using register coin boxes or check stand donations of $1 or $5.


Alaska Airlines added another $25,000 in donations for the Red Cross to assist with disaster relief.


Banner for Oso Mudslide Crisis Care Hotline: 1-800-584-3578.

Darrington Fire Station Volunteers need:

XL and 2XL disposable white Tyvex hazmat suits 

Car wash soap

Windshield cleaning fluid

 Beanie hats

45-gallon garbage bags


Fluorescent marking paint

Flag tape (to tie on trees or debris to mark spots) Tent canopies

Small and medium sized boots, gloves and rain gear (for female volunteers)

iPhone chargers

Baby wipes

(From KIRO 7 News)

Related Videos Banner

Funeral Fund

Immaculate Conception Church
1200 E. 5th St.
PO Box 69
Arlington, WA 98223 

Write in check memo field “Funeral Fund.”


Gas Card Donations Darrington Mudslide Fund

PO Box 90 Darrington, WA 98241

Checks only Please write “Gas” in memo line

All other donations will go to general fund


Snohomish Boys & Girls Club

Gift Cards of all types or money to purchase cards

402 2nd St. Snohomish, WA 98290


Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation

Monetary Donations

Local 501(c)3


Food Donations Arlington Community Food Bank

19118 63rd Ave NE Arlington


Drop donations in 12th man container

Open 7 days a week, 9-5


Helping Hands Thrift Store

Assorted Donations

18722 59th Ave NE Arlington


Food, Clothing, toiletries, appliances, house wares, furniture, and more


Everett Animal Shelter

333 Smith Island Rd.


Food and supplies for smaller animals


Kids’ Kloset

135 S. French Arlington, WA 98223


Clothes and toiletries for young children through teens only please.

(From King5 News)


Where To Donate

  • Red Cross: If you wish to help victims of the Oso mudslide, cash donations are preferred. The American Red Cross is no longer collecting items. Go to the Red Cross of Snohomish County at to donate. People also can text “RedCross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation.


  • United Way has established a community-wide recovery fund to assist those affected by the mudslide. Information on how to donate is at Checks may be sent to: United Way of Snohomish County, Attn: Finance Dept., 3120 McDougall Ave., Ste. 200, Everett, WA 98201.


  • The Salvation Army is collecting donations for local disaster relief efforts. Donate by phone at 800-725-2769, online at or by mail to the Salvation Army, Northwest Divisional Headquarters, 111 Queen Anne Avenue N. #300, Seattle, WA, 98109. Designate your gift as “disaster relief.”


  • The Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation is a local organization that is giving 100 percent of donations directly to those affected. The Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington treated several victims in the aftermath of the mudslide. Donate at this site or by phone at 360-435-2133, ext. 7805. You can drop off/mail donations to 330 S. Stillaguamish Ave. in Arlington or donate to the fund through an account at Union Bank in downtown Arlington, 525 N. Olympic Ave.


  • The Coastal Community Bank is accepting donations for slide victims at all branches: Darrington, Camano Island, Everett, Monroe, Stanwood, Sultan, Silver Lake, Smokey Point, Snohomish and Whidbey Island.


  • A special Mudslide Relief Campaign has been organized by the Community Fund Drive, state government’s workplace giving program that invites state and higher education employees to give to the charity of their choice. For information, go to

 (From The Everett Herald Tribune)


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