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AbledCauses banner shows the silhouettes of peoplecampaigning for a cause with their arms outstretched against white to fushia light effects in the background under the AbledCauses icon which consists of the outline of a heart in the middle of the gradient green rounded triangle that makes up the Abled icon.
AbledCauses Post Banner shows a split screen of two photos. In the first, Max Page, star of the 'Lil Darth Vader Volkswagen Superbowl Ad is holding a Joy Jar which is full of treats and playthings for kids in hospital. In the second photo a card on a table tells the story of Jessica Joy Rees who came up with the idea for Joy Jars. The headline reads: Joy Jars: Max Page ('Lil' Darth Vader) Helps Keep Jessie's Dream Alive For Hospital Kids.

Joy Jars® are the creation of the late Jessie Rees, a 12 year old cancer patient who started filling them as a way to send hope and joy to other kids like her who are fighting cancer. As the Jessie Rees Foundation NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) says, Jessie knew that fighting cancer made you feel lonely and limited. She also knew “love” stuffed in a jar was a great remedy.

Jessie personally sent over 3,000 Joy Jars to kids during her fight. Since then, over 80,000 Joy Jars have been stuffed and sent to courageous kids worldwide.

From imdb.comMax Page was born as Maxwell James Page. He is an actor, known for The Young and the Restless (1973), Prime Suspect (2011) and I Didn’t Do It (2014).

Max played a young pint sized Darth Vader in the leaked Volkswagen Passat Superbowl Commercial that went viral on You Tube 4 days before the Superbowl. The video received over 12 million views in four days and many speculated it was a girl under the mask. Max’s uncle a Radio Dj out of Virginia confirmed Max appeared in the commercial as well as many media outlets in the days the video went extremely viral.

Max is a heart patient at, and an advocate for, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for treatment of Tetralogy of Fallot, a heart defect found in children. His parents are Jennifer and Buck Page. He has a brother named Ellison.
You can find Max’s facebook page here, and his Twitter account here, to follow his advocacy for children facing medical challenges.


Jessie Rees was a beautiful, athletic, smart and compassionate 12 year old girl who bravely fought two brain tumors (DIPG) for ten months and two days. Her fight started on March 3, 2011 and ended on January 5, 2012 when she earned her angel wings.

During her courageous fight, Jessie decided to focus on helping other kids fighting cancer that couldn’t leave the hospital. This desire led to the creation of her fun-filled JoyJars® and Never Ever Give Up (aka: NEGU®) message.

Today, JoyJars and NEGU are recognized symbols of hope, joy and love in over 27 countries.

You can contribute with a donation by joining the JoySquad.

You can also request a Joy Jar for your child or a ‘Courageous Kid’ you know. 

You can also request JoyPacks for a hospital.

Any way you choose to contribute will be greatly appreciated by the children whose spirits you help to lift.

AbledCauses - Photo shows a closeup of a photocard with a picture of Jessie Rees. The text reads: The Jessie Rees Foundation was inspired by 12 year-old Jessica Joy Rees, better known as "Jessie". Jessie was a beautiful, athletic, smart and compassionate girl who fought two brain tumors from MArch 3, 2011 to January 5, 2012. On that painful day, Jessie left an amazing legacy of love that her family and foundation now continue. During her 10 month courageous fight, Jessie shared her message of NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) with as many kids as she could. She did this at the hospital, through her blog and on her Facebook fan page. She knew fighting cancer made you feel lonely and limited so she decided to send encouragement to over 3,000 kids. Jessie's wish was to encourage every kid fighting to NEGU, which includes you. Stay Strong and Never Ever Give Up followed by Jessie's signature in blue with a tiny heart.

Two Amazing Brave Kids And Their Mission To Help Other Sick Kids

This is a story of two brave kids who know what it is to stare a life-threatening illness in the face. Sadly, one of them is no longer with us, but her spirit looms very large over the legacy she has left behind.

The other shot to fame in a viral video during a Super Bowl game and continues to find fame as a member of the cast of the television soap The Young & The Restless, and through his advocacy for other children who are facing health challenges of their own.

Meet the inspiring spirit of Jessica Joy Rees, known to everyone as Jessie, and the pint-sized force that is Max Page.

Jessie fought the brave fight against two brain tumors from March of 2011 to January 2012, and during that time her parents helped her form a Foundation based on her mantra of NEGU (NEVER EVER GIVE UP) and  helped supported her effort to spread joy to as many other sick kids in the hospital as she could with her Joy Jars.  

Little did she realize how much these plastic jars filled with all kinds of trinkets and messages of hope would come to mean to the thousands of children who would come to receive. And little could she have imagined  how great a legacy she would leave behind after she got, as her family put it, ‘her angel wings’. To date over 80,000 Joy Jars have been distributed to children in almost 30 countries.

Enter ‘Lil’ Darth Vader – Max Page – To Pick Up The Torch

Like Jessie, Max Page is one of those extraordinary kids who, in the face of a life threatening illness, seems to just get stronger and radiate that strength to other kids around him.

Max first shot to fame as the star of Volkswagen’s ‘The Force‘ Ad that went viral even before it aired during coverage of the 2011 Super Bowl, and has since racked-up over 60 million views on YouTube.

Then as more people wanted to find out who was behind Mini Darth Vader’s mask, media stories soon focused on the battle Max was waging against a congenital heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot which is the most common cause of blue baby syndrome

He now proudly shows off the scars from his pacemaker operation as he visits other children facing heart surgery or battling other medical conditions and has ‘picked up the torch’ in wanting to help fulfill Jessie’s desire to get Joy Jars to as many sick kids as possible. Late last year he helped to fill Joy Jars at an MomsLA event for Mom bloggers and announced his goal to try and fill over 100,00 Joy Jars this year.

You can help Max and everyone at Jessie’s Foundation to reach that goal by making a donation here.

All of us at are proud to raise awareness about this incredible effort by two very incredible kids!

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