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AmberAlert headline box shows a photo of 14 year old Ayvani Hope Perez. She is Hispanic with brown eyes and black hair and a pretty smile. It also shows sketches of the two black male kidnappers. Updated banners say 'Arrested' over the suspect sketches while a banner over Ayvani's photo reads 'Rescued'. Click to go to the updated story.



Clayton County Police Chief Gregory Porter announced to a press conference Wednesday afternoon that abducted teen Ayvani Hope Perez had been rescued and her captors were in custody. “This is a good day for the family,” Porter said.

He credited “hardcore law enforcement, boots to the ground,” for helping authorities locate the teen, who he said was found in good health but is undergoing an evaluation.

The teen has since been reunited with her family, Porter said, and two suspects have been taken into custody.

The suspects were identified by the FBI as Wildrego Jackson of Atlanta, and Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez, a 40-year-old Mexican national who is being held on immigration-related charges.

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Robbers make a $10,000 ransom demand as police manhunt intensifies

An AmberAlert has been issued in Georgia for 14 year old Ayvani Hope Perez who was abducted at gunpoint during a home invasion at 2:15 a.m. Tuesday in the Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Ellenwood.

Ayvani is 4 feet, 9 inches tall and is described as Hispanic with black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing blue and gray ‘Star Wars’ pajama bottoms and a “Superheroes” shirt when she was abducted, according to a report from All News Radio.

Police say two men broke-in through a back door of the house and demanded money and jewelry. When Ayvani’s mother said she didn’t have any, the gunmen found the girl and her 15 year- old brother after their mother tried to hide them. One gunman shot the family dog and both then took the girl hostage and drove off in a gray Dodge or Chevrolet.

Police have subsequently set up traffic checkpoints looking for the girl and the suspects who are described as two black males who were wearing dark clothing. They are considered armed and dangerous. If you see them or Ayvani, do not approach them and call 911 immediately.

Officers say the family had just moved into the neighborhood about a month ago and apparently don’t know the robbers.


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AmberAlert headline box shows a photo of 14 year old Ayvani Hope Perez. She is Hispanic with brown eyes and black hair and a pretty smile. The text reads that she has been kidnapped and missing since Tuesday, September 17 from Ellenwood, Georgia.


Amber Alert information box text reads Call Clayton County Police with any information at 678-610-4781. If you see Ayvani call 911.


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