Abled.Definition: Photo of casually-dressed work colleagues gathered around a young man pointing at a white-paper easel. Two women sitting in chairs flank a male colleague sitting in a wheelchair.

Abled®: A New Definition For A New Way Of Thinking

Disabled vs. Differently Abled vs. Abled

If you do an online search of the world ‘abled‘, you’ll come across a procession of definition sites that describe it as:

(ˈā-bəld) adj. Having normal physical and mental abilities; not disabled. n. (used with a pl. verb) Note the phrase ‘not disabled’.

People with normal physical and mental abilities considered as a group.

[Back-formation from disabled.]
:  capable of unimpaired function <the design is physically helpful for the less abled — Royal Ford> — compare DIFFERENTLY ABLED

Medical Definition of ABLED

: capable of unimpaired function <the senior citizens, those less abled in some way—Richard Hair>—compare differently abled
Cartoon: Woman wearing glasses say "So what do you prefer to be called? Handicapped? Disabled? or Physically Challenged? The man in a wheelchair replies: "Joe" would be fine. Caption: The most appropriate label is usually the one people's parents have given them.

We, Respectfully, Disagree

 Lose The Labels

We’ve mentioned that our mission at Abled®com is to take the dis out of disabled. We also don’t agree with the termdifferently-abled.

Why do we need an ascending or descending scale of labels to describe whether someone thinks someone else measures up to their judgmental definition of a human being.

As President John F. Kennedy once said, “Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”

Our definition of Abled® is that we are all born abled in mind, body and spirit in a way that is personal and individual to each and every one of us.

Some of us just need accessible and adaptive tools, inclusive thinking and opportunities to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. It’s not a matter of measuring up against someone else. It’s a matter of being abled to the fullest degree of how we each define our life for ourselves.

Abled.People. Stock photo of young children working at school desks.

That’s why we haven’t limited Abled®com to just being about disability issues. Our goal is to build it into the most accessible and inclusive place on the Internet for all users, whether living with a disability or chronic health condition or not.

We’re all growing older and many of us are, or someday will be, facing an impairment or condition of some sort. Our goal is to be the best resource to help you live a more Abled® life through accessible and inclusive Communities, Content, Products, Services and Technology that allow everyone to make more informed choices as they journey through life.

And that’s why we’ve trademarked Abled® to protect the integrity of this mission.

We also want to change the way people think about and view other persons with special needs – in essence, we want to disable ‘disableist’ thinking so that we evolve into a society that discards the need for labels, marginalization, bullying because of someone’s gender, race, sexual orientation, beliefs, or ability.

This isn’t another attempt at political correctness – this is about disrupting long-ingrained patterns of disabling attitudes and behavior in an attempt to say ‘stop it . . . enough already’.

Because someone is in a wheelchair, or is blind, or requires Closed-Captioning to enjoy a video or movie in the same way you might doesn’t make them any less a human being than you are. And in many cases, they might be a lot smarter, more compassionate, or even more of a jerk than you are. Nobody’s perfect.

But let’s lose the labels. Here’s to living an Abled® life!

Abled-Definition photo looks into an office from the rear left quarter behind a woman with reddish brown hair wearing a red long-sleeved blouse and charcoal grey pants working at a computer on a modern white oval desk. The desk is also covered in personal photos and office paraphernalia and the woman is sitting in a modern wheelchair with a black seat, and burnt orange and silver colored wheels.

Daniel Kish: Seeing With Sound

Abled.People: Daniel Kishstands before an audience at the international TED conference on a round red stage holding a full-length Perception cane with the TED logo lit-up in the background.

Blinded by 13 months of age by cancer of the retina, Daniel Kish is the epitome of someone who is “Abled”.

He taught himself to echolocate, earned two Master’s degrees and has taught thousands of blind people to “see with sound”.

His non-profit | World Access For The Blind is celebrating 20 years of teaching blind people to also be more “Abled”.

Abled.PSA:, a division of World Access For The Blind. 20 years teaching a new way to see. 2000-2020+. A silhouette of Daniel Kish is set against echolocation sonar waves as the numeral 0 in a large depiction of "20" set against a montage of photos showing blind people learning click sonar echolocation over the years.
Abled.Networks: Directory banner set against a curved bank of monitors in a control room blended into a starry sky above the curve of the Earth. Each network is represented by a different name and color and their image is described in each module on our About page.

Content in Production

Vintage 1900 photo inside a letterpress printing shop's layout and design area.

We were in the midst of our site wide design upgrade when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

We decided to pivot to provide an unbiased and fact-based knowledge hub to enable everyone to gather additional information needed for making self-informed decisions on how to respond to the life-changing challenges posed by the pandemic.

Our effort to be as up to date as possible in the COVID-19 coverage, and the resulting pandemic impact on available resources, has pulled time away from our overall build-out.

So if you encounter a non-working link or a “Content In Production” message, we appreciate your patience as we do our best to complete our upgrades.

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