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Abled.ALERT: Hurricane Laura. Nightime satellite image shows the circular white image of the hurricane and its eye over the southern edges of Louisiana and Texas with city lights glowing as an amber color from space.
Abled.ALERT: EMERGENCY: California wildfires. Photo of residential area at night with mountains in the background lit up by wildfires turning the smoke in the sky red and orange.

Hurricane Laura | California Wildfires

Millions of people are bracing for the worst along the U.S. Gulf Coast as Hurricane Laura makes landfall in the wake of former Hurricane Marco.

The storm is only 7 mph shy of being a Category 5 storm with warnings issued about “unsurvivable” storm surge.

Follow our coverage of this and the latest on the massive fires in California that have left emergency officials trying to cope with evacuations during the COVID-19 pandemic on our Abled®ALERT EMERGENCY Network


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Abled ALERT: Outbreak | Emergency. COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. Ongoing Coverage. Text is placed before an illustration of microscopic COVID-19 cells.

An Abled® Response To A Crisis

As we evolve the updates and upgrades to our Abled®com Networks, our awareness of the often conflicting, confusing and sometimes false information spiraling out of control from the coronavirus pandemic prompted us to create a consolidated and curated COVID-19 information hub.

Our mission is to inspire everyone to live a more Abled® life by producing content, products, services and technology that enable better, self-informed life choices along the way.

At no time has it been more important to be self-informed than now, for ourselves, our family, friends and colleagues, as we are all being faced with potentially life-changing decisions to make during this crisis.

Our Abled®ALERT Network is evolving in real time and we hope you find the impartial information and videos we’re curating, via our non-profit journalism,  helpful.

Note: Because of the frequency of use throughout all our content, in some places we have truncated COVID-19 to C19 for brevity.

We also appreciate your patience if you encounter any of our “Content in Production” placeholders as we work under reduced circumstances through these challenging times.


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Abled.ALERT: Global map shows cases of COVID-19 represented by red dots sized to the proportion of the number of cases.

10M COVID-19 Cases | 500K Deaths

The world has reached a new milestone in COVID-19 infection with global cases surpassing the 11.7 million mark, and leaving over 540 thousand fatalities along its path.

Worst hit, the United States has recorded over 3 million cases and over 132 thousand deaths, with Brazil at over 1.6 million cases, India at 721 thousand overtaking Russia at over 687 thousand. Those numbers from Brazil and India have tripled in only a month.

Reuters has calculated that over 4,700 people are dying of COVID-19 disease every 24 hours, or 196 people every hour based of averages from June 1 to 27.

Health officials in the U.S. and U.K. have said the reported overall numbers are likely vastly underestimated because of inconsistencies in reporting and testing.

In the meantime, the American sunbelt has become a hotbed of surging COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations as Arizona, California, Florida and Texas break records set just a few days ago, and Governors in those states order renewed closures of bars, beaches and other facilities in advance of the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Read more about the latest global numbers and case surges being reported across the United States in our COVID-19 News Logs >>>


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White outline globe made of latitude and longitude meridians.

Global Cases


Active: 5,810,538

Red outline globe made of latitude and longitude meridians.

Global Deaths



Amber outline globe made of latitude and longitude meridians.

Global Critical



Green outline globe made of latitude and longitude meridians.

Global Recovered




Flag of the United States.

United States



152,320 Dead


18,992 Critical

2,160,129 Recovered


Flag of Brazil




88,634 Dead


8,318 Critical

1,721,560 Recovered


Flag of India




34,240 Dead


8,944 Critical

989,624 Recovered


Flag of the Russian Federation.




13,504 Dead


2,300 Critical

612,217 Recovered



California - AbledALERT: COVID-19. Photo of Los Angeles skyline at sunset.






Florida - AbledALERT: COVID-19. Photo of a marina in Florida at sunset with a boat in the foreground and palm trees in the background.441,977





New York - AbledALERT: COVID-19. Photo of New York City Freedom Tower at night with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground.






Texas - AbledALERT: COVID-19. Photo of the Houston skyline night with deep blue clouds behind illuminated buildings and streaks of light from vehicles on a freeway in the foreground.






More Global & US Data >>>


COVID-19: AZ Record Spike

Abled.ALERT:Arizona Governor Doug Ducey gives a press conference as words on digital screens behind him read "You are safer at home. The Virus is widespread."

Arizona records its 8th record-breaking increase in COVID-19 infections this month with 3,857 new cases on Sunday. Doctors are urging state leaders to declare “crisis care standards” and to reinstate a stay-at-home order. More in our COVID-19 News Logs >>>

COVID-19: CA Beaches To Close

Abled.ALERT: Photo of people on Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles looking north towards the mountains.

California Governor Gavin Newsom orders bars to close again as COVID-19 infection rates spike in the state. Public health officials across the country have identified bars as the riskiest non-essential businesses.  More in our COVID-19 News Logs >>>

COVID-19: FL Beaches To Close

Abled.ALERT: Photo of many people on South Beach in Miami, Florida with beachfront hotels and condos in the background.

People in Florida flock to beaches before they are closed for the 4th of July holiday weekend. Broward and Miami-Dade Counties will close beaches, and the Florida Keys will close beaches on Thursday. More in our COVID-19 News Logs >>>

COVID-19: TX Bars To Shut Again

Abled.ALERT: Photo of skyline of downtown Houston from across a park.

COVID-19 infections surge to record highs as cases & hospitalizations spike across the U.S. ‘sunbelt’ states. Texas presses “pause” on reopening and orders bars to shutter again in the wake of record COVID-19 cases. More in our COVID-19 News Logs >>>

COVID-19: “Worst Yet To Come”

Abled.ALERT: Global map from the World Health Organization shows the number of COVID 19 cases represented by blue circles of various sizes tied to rate of infection.

WHO Director-General warns that the COVID-19 pandemic is “speeding up” and criticizes governments that have failed to set up reliable testing and contact tracing protocols as global cases surpass 10 million.  More in our COVID-19 News Logs >>>

COVID-19: Brazil’s Tragedy

Abled.ALERT: Workers in orange protective gear wheel a trailer loaded with six coffins through a graveyard in Brazil marked by a hillside of blue crosses.

President Jair Bolsonaro is leading Brazilians “to the slaughterhouse”. That prediction in April from the country’s former President Lula da Silva. His fears about “Bolsonaro’s recklessness” have come true. Watch Special Reports in our COVID-19 News Logs >>>


USA: AZ Fire Evacuations

As earlier fires move closer to containment, the Bighorn Fire near Tucson has grown to over 100 thousand acres with 45 percent containment.  Learn where evacuation orders are active and where they’re lifted at our Abled®ALERT/EMERGENCY Network >>>

EMERGENCY: Riot Survival

Abled.ALERT: Emergency: Safety Alert. Image: Video still frame of a police officer spraying tear gas at protestors in Minneapolis on a sunny afternoon.

Protests across the U.S. and around the world over the police custody death of George Floyd continue to amplify into violence and fires being set. Learn how to keep safe if you’re in a peaceful protest that escalates at our Abled®ALERT/EMERGENCY Network >>>

COVID-19: More MIS-C Cases

Abled.ALERT: Composite images show the symptoms of Kawasaki Syndrome in children including a child's back covered in a rash, bloodshot eyes, strawberry-colored tongue and red, cracked lips, red palms/soles and swollen hands/feet.

Growing clusters of cases are emerging in a number of countries where children are being hospitalized with hyper immune responses and testing positive for COVID-19. We detail what parents need to be aware of at our Abled®Alert/EMERGENCY Network >>>


COVID-19 Directory

Abled/ALERT: 3D computer model of the COVID-19-Coronavirus.

Your first stop for the latest Alerts from the global pandemic, and data on the latest global, national and regional cases. We’ve compiled C19 FAQs and curated videos to answer all your coronavirus questions at our COVID-19 Directory >>>

C19 Briefings

Abled.ALERT: C19 Briefings link banner. Image: Photo of U.S. President Donald Trump leading a Coronavirus Task Force briefing at the White House.

Here you can find COVID-19 audio/video briefings we’ve produced for the benefit of blind and low-vision users as a companion to downloadable PDF summaries of the latest pandemic developments, along with global video briefings at COVID-19 Briefings >>>

C19 News Logs

Abled.ALERT: C19 News Logs link banner. Image: 3D model of coronavirus blends into a montage of news images in the background.

This is your destination for a consolidated & curated collection of the most important news & issues evolving during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We focus on topics with relevance to potential personal decision-making at our COVID-19 News Logs >>>

C19 Video Logs

Abled.ALERT: C19 Video Logs link banner. Image: 3D Model of a coronavirus blends into a curved video wall background.

This is where we’ve curated a collection of videos that provide additional background and context on the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes reports from the frontlines, the search for treatments, and global impacts. Go to our COVID-19 Video Logs >>>

COVID-19 Rx Logs

Abled.ALERT: C19 Rx Logs link banner. Image: 3D model of coronavirus blends into a photo of medical personnel in full protective gear transporting a patient on a gurney.

This is our consolidated hub where you can monitor the latest developments as scientists around the world develop Tests, Treatments and Vaccines for deployments in responding to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Go to COVID-19 Rx Logs >>>

C19 Case Logs

Abled.ALERT: C19 Case Logs link banner. Image: 3D model of coronavirus blends into a global map in the background.

This channel of our Abled®ALERT Network curates and compiles notable cases of COVID-19 infection, tracking data, and paying tribute to notable passings and recoveries as the pandemic rages across social classes at our COVID-19 Case Logs >>>

GO to our Main COVID-19 Special Coverage Page >>>

The elderly are most at risk from Coronavirus. But children are affected too. What parents should know. Public service announcement for Unicef USA over a photo of a child washing hands with soap and water. Link to Unicef site.


Food/USA: Chicken Nuggets

Abled.ALERT: RECALL: Photo of the box front of Pilgrim's Chicken Breast Nuggets showing a plateful of cooked nuggets.

Just under 60 thousand pounds of Pilgrim’s “Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Nuggets” with a Best-By-Date of 06/May/2021 are being recalled because of possible contamination by flexible rubber material . This is a Class II Low Health Risk recall. More info>>>

Food/USA: Ground Beef e.Coli

Abled.ALERT: RECALL: Photo of Marketside Butcher ground beef label.

Over 42 thousand pounds of ground beef products, many which are sold at Walmart, are being recalled because of possible E.coli 0157:H7 contamination. They are under the Marketside Butcher and Thomas Farms labels. This is a Class I recall. More info>>>

WARNING: Hand Sanitizer

Abled.ALERT: Warning: Hand Sanitizer. Image of someone holding a pump bottle of sanitizer while wearing latex gloves in a large food court.

The FDA advises consumers not to use hand sanitizers manufactured by Eskibiochem SA de CV in Mexico. They found the presence of methanol (wood alcohol) which can be toxic to skin or if ingested.  Learn which discount brands to avoid: click here>>>

Rx/USA: Children’s Cough Syrup

Abled.ALERT: RECALL: Photos of Children's Robitussin Honey Cough and Chest Congestion DM (4oz) from lot: 02177 (Exp. Jan. 2022) or lot 02178 (Exp. Jan. 2022). Children's Dimetapp Cold and Cough (8oz) from lot: CL8292 (Exp. Sep. 2021).

At a time when parents want to have cough syrup on hand in case their children contract the coronavirus, GSK Consumer Healthcare issues a voluntary recall of cough medicines that are missing measuring markings. Get lot numbers and more info>>>

Food/UK: Cheese Tubes

Abled.ALERT: Recall/Food/UK: Photo illustration of Primula Cheese spread tubes in different flavors as outlined in the recall information below.

In the United Kingdom, Primula Ltd is recalling all Primula Cheese tubes, (chilled and ambient) because the products might be contaminated with Clostridium botulinum due to a production fault. Get Best Before dates and more info>>>

Food/CA: Dried Cranberries E.coli

Abled.ALERT: Recall-Canada: Photo of clear plastic bag filled with sweet, dry cranberries, labeled in French.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency reports that Les Aliments Johnvince in Quebec is recalling certain batches of sweetened dried cranberries from the marketplace because of possible E.coli O157:87 contamination. Get product codes and more info>>>

Abled.Networks: Highlights banner set against a curved bank of monitors in a control room blended into a starry sky above the curve of the Earth. Each network is represented by a different name and color and their image is described in each module on our About page.

A Pivot For Extraordinary Times

As we “pivot” to be of service during this world crisis, we are focusing on providing you with original and curated content to help you evaluate the best choices and decisions for yourself, your family, your friends and colleagues.

We’re progressively integrating content from our Abled®com Networks as we evolve our design and production upgrades. We’re innovating new layouts and functions to provide you with a more interactive way of navigating concise, curated content, and we hope you find it to be a valuable and enjoyable experience.


Rayshard Brooks: Felony Murder

Abled.Issues: Composite photo showing a police photo of Atlanta Police Department officer Garrett Rolfe who is white, beside a video frame of two white police officers attempting to restrain black suspect Rayshard Brooks on the ground in a Wendy's parking lot in Atlanta.

Fired Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe has been charged with felony murder after firing three shots at fleeing DUI suspect Rayshard Brooks, hitting him twice in the back. Rolfe could face the death penalty. Special coverage on our Abled®Issues Network >>>

Racism: George Floyd

Abled.Issues: Human Rights: Composite photo of protestor holding up a printed image of George Floyd with the text "Rest in power - George Floyd", while an additional photo shows protestors 'taking a knee in front of a line of police officers dressed in riot gear.

Systemic racism, human rights, and police brutality are issues that have now been catapulted to the top of social dialogue and action around the world in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Special coverage on our Abled®Issues Network >>>

Policing: Breonna’s Law Passes

Abled.Issues: Family photo of Breonna Taylor in uniform and holding a bouquet of flowers as the EMT first responder receives an award with the seal of the city of Louisville, Kentucky and the U.S., state and city flags behind her.

Breonna Taylor lived for saving lives as an EMT first responder in Louisville, Kentucky. Her mother now hopes that a new law named for her daughter will continue her legacy of saving lives, even in death. Learn more on our Abled®Issues Network >>>

Local Hero: Stefan Perez

Abled.People: Photo of 16 year-old Stefan Perez u speaking through a megaphone and urging protestors in Detroit to respect a curfew.

This is what community leadership looks like at the age of 16. Stefan Perez persuaded George Floyd protestors in Detroit to respect a curfew and avoid another night of violence. Learn more about this amazing local hero on our Abled®People Network >>> 

COVID-19: Plasma Need

Abled.Health: Illustration of a sectioned blood vessel showing a central line of plasma and other component parts such as red blood cells, White blood cells and Platelets floating off from it.

Several organizations are reaching out for urgently needed donations of blood and plasma, the latter from people who’ve recovered from COVID-19 infection. You can help to save lives. Learn how to give on our Abled®Health Network >>>

Theme Parks: Reopenings

Abled.Travel: Photo illustration of Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida from a water view of the iconic arched entry gate to the volcano "The Spirit of Krakatau".

Both Disney and Universal have announced phased reopening dates for their theme parks and associated attractions along with new safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about the “new reality” on our  Abled®TravelNetwork >>>

COVID-19: Scarlett’s Story

Abled.Health: Photo of 5 year old Scarlett Roberts lying in an ICU bed hooked up to a respirator and other medical equipment.

Scarlett Roberts is 5 years-old and is thought to have been infected with the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus at her UK school. Learn more about Scarlett and two other children who’ve battled the MIS-C hyper immune response on our Abled®Health Network >>>

Social Media: Twitter War

Abled.Tech: Image of President Donald Trumps Twitter page showing an arena rally, the President's profile photo and the Twitter bird icon.

U.S. President Trump signs an executive order aimed at weakening legal protections for social media companies after Twitter fact-checks two of his tweets. Is it all political bark and no bite? Learn more on our Abled®Tech Network >>> 

Rights: Frontline Safety

Abled.Issues: Rights: Photo of workers on several processing lines at a poultry plant.

Meat processing plants have become bigger hotspots than nursing homes for COVID-19 infection because of close-quarters working conditions. How do we balance worker safety with the food supply needs of the nation? See more on our Abled®Issues Network >>>

COBOL: Programmers Needed

Abled.Tech: Black and white photo of two men working with COBOL mainframe computers in the 1960s.

Know how to program COBOL? Your country needs you. Millions of COVID-19 related unemployment claims are overwhelming aging federal and state computer systems and the call has gone out for volunteers. More data on our Abled®Tech Network >>>

Stimulus: Beware Of $cams

Abled.Money: Stock photo of elderly woman on the phone and reading her credit card number out loud.

Criminals have no conscience in a global pandemic. Even before governments announced aid packages, scammers have been trying to defraud millions of consumers. Learn how to keep your money safe on our Abled®Money Network >>>

Airlines: DOT Warning

Abled.Travel: Stock photo of customer service operators sitting side by side at computer terminals.

If you’ve called an airline you had booked a flight on to cancel and request a refund because of coronavirus issues, but got a runaround, you’re not alone. Should you accept a voucher or demand cash? Check your rights on our Abled®Travel Network >>>

Col. Tom: Arise Cpt. Sir Thomas

Abled.People: Colonel Tom Moore. The 100 year old UK veteran is pictured holding up a medal for his honorary promotion to Colonel.

“A shining light in dark times” describes Captain Tom Moore, the distinguished but humble UK WWII veteran who’s raised over $36 million for National Health Service Charities. Find out the latest honor he will receive at our Abled®People Network >>>

Rx Costs: Get Help

The “hoarding” mentality during the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many people who rely on a steady supply of medication. We detail where and how you can get help with paying for your prescription medications on our Abled®Money Network >>>

Dolly Parton: The Book Lady

Abled.People: Photo of music icon Dolly Parton wearing reading glasses and holding the book "The Little Engine That Could".

That’s the name most kids know beloved music legend Dolly Parton by, and she’s providing comfort for children and parents every Thursday night by reading bedtime stories from her Imagination Library. Read more on our Abled®People Network >>> 

SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook icon centered in rounded Abled triangle. Twitter bird icon centered in rounded Abled triangle. Instagram camera icon is centered in the rounded Abled triangle. Linked-in icon consisting of the word 'in' inside a round circle is centered in the rounded Abled triangle.



The growing scale of the COVID-19 pandemic is overwhelming medical facilities and medical professionals world-wide, and causing a critical shortage in PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

#GetUsPPE is a coalition of people in medicine that is trying to coordinate donation and distribution of masks, gloves, goggles and other essential items through an online data base that connects donors with healthcare workers and facilities.

They are also trying to unite with the maker community to validate designs that can be widely shared among the medical community and easily printed in local manufacturing facilities.

You can request or give as follows:


Image montage of high demand PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) including N95 Respirator Masks, Surgical Masks, Protective Goggles, Gloves (Nitrile, non-powdered), Face Shields, (Wipes: Disinfectant.
Abled.Cities banner shows an illustration of iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and so on placed on a curved globe.


In the same way we consolidate and curate information throughout our Abled.ALERT and Abled.News networks, we’re building our new platform to do the same in major cities around the world so that you can find community, content, products and services that are relevant to you in a quick, convenient and equally accessible way.

If you are an advertiser, marketer or entrepreneur and wish to list your accessible enterprise, or if you’re interested in being an affiliated partner in your city, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to discuss what we can build together!

Abled.Networks: Directory banner set against a curved bank of monitors in a control room blended into a starry sky above the curve of the Earth. Each network is represented by a different name and color and their image is described in each module on our About page.

Content in Production

Vintage 1900 photo inside a letterpress printing shop's layout and design area.

We were in the midst of our site wide design upgrade when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

We decided to pivot to provide an unbiased and fact-based knowledge hub to enable everyone to gather additional information needed for making self-informed decisions on how to respond to the life-changing challenges posed by the pandemic.

Our effort to be as up to date as possible in the COVID-19 coverage, and the resulting pandemic impact on available resources, has pulled time away from our overall build-out.

So if you encounter a non-working link or a “Content In Production” message, we appreciate your patience as we do our best to complete our upgrades.

Abled.ALERT link button. Photo of a view of a giant whirl of clouds from Tropical Storm Cristobal above Florida.
Abled.ALERT-COVID-19: Alert icon over map of part of the United States fill with red dots representing the size of COVID-19 infections in each state.
Abled.City Directory link. Photo of the Manhattan skyline with sun-kissed clouds and buildings with the Empire State Building in the center.
Abled.Health link banner shows middle aged couple doing yoga on cushions with the ocean in the background.
Abled.Issues Directory link: Photo of people protesting at night in New York City carrying signs that read "Disabled Lives Matter" and "Black Disabled Lives Matter" along with other signs.
Abled.Life Directory Link: Photo of a woman in a white top and green pants leaping above a grassy hill while holding a green banner.
Abled.Money Directory link. Digital image of different global currency icons shooting out from a blurred image of a trading software screen.
Abled.News Directory link. Photo of a mass protest on a downtown city street with people holding signs reading "Enough is enough", "Silence is Violence", "Racism is the real virus" and "Black trans lives matter".
Abled.People Directory link. Photo of Jazz icon Ella Fitzgerald sitting next to screen icon Marilyn Monroe as they chat at the Mocambo nightclub in Hollywood.
Abled.Sports Directory link. Image: Poster for "At Home Superheroes powered by Marvell" in the UK> Illustrated image of variously Abled people standing in front of their houses on a poster that has emanating rays from the center.
Abled.Tech Directory link. Computer generated image showing glowing lines connecting recognition points of the outline of a human face to represent virtual ID Scanning.
Abled.Travel Directory link. Photo of Santa Monica Beach at dusk with the Santa Monic Pier all lit up and silhouetted palm trees set against the orange and purple sky above the mountains in the distance.

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